Published: May 3, 2022

CustomGuide Releases Slack Course

CustomGuide, leading provider of training content, launches a new Slack course that features how to send messages and files, share your screen on a group call, use automated workflows, and more.


Alisha Natvig

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Minneapolis, Minn. April 29, 2022 — CustomGuide released a self-paced Slack course that uses simulations to mimic the live collaboration software. Since its launch in 2013, Slack has grown considerably, with over 12 million people actively using it daily, according to Slack Technologies.

“We’ve seen a boost in organizations seeking training on various collaboration technologies, driven by the changing landscape of the workforce,” Matt Petricka, CustomGuide Area VP said. “Many teams had to figure out how to work from dispersed locations at the start of the pandemic and much of that remote work continues today.”

CustomGuide’s new Slack course is available to try for free. The interactive course contains 35 bite-sized lessons sandwiched between pre- and post-assessments that effectively measure learner improvement. CustomGuide’s proven learning method results in an average skill improvement of 44% upon course completion.

The new online course provides step-by-step guidance for managing channels, messaging teammates, making group calls, sharing files, creating text snippets, and using automated workflows. After successfully completing the accredited course, learners earn a Skills Certificate and 3 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credit hours.

Slack is the newest in a collection of courses that feature collaboration and conferencing software. CustomGuide also offers training on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet in its course library that has expanded to more than 100 titles. A new Google Chat course is also currently in development and slated for release later this year.

There’s a rising trend among organizations to implement multiple meeting solutions to support remote workers. Research conducted by Mio found that 91% of businesses use at least two messaging apps.

“With so many popular collaboration tools out there, many individuals find it’s not enough to be proficient in just one,” Jon High, CustomGuide CEO said. “We see our training materials helping organizations ramp up with each of these collaboration technologies that have become staples in workplaces and schools.”

CustomGuide also published a Slack Quick Reference that reinforces the online training and serves as a job aid. All of CustomGuide’s 100+ handy Quick References can be downloaded and distributed free of charge.

About CustomGuide

CustomGuide is the leading provider of simulation-based software training for business professionals so they can learn by doing—not by watching. CustomGuide offers 100+ accredited courses in subjects that are critical to workplace productivity, including Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and business skills. CustomGuide’s friendly Learning Management System boasts simple data visualization to track learners’ achievements, making it ideal for organizations of all sizes. In addition to online learning composed of bite-sized lessons, CustomGuide produces top-notch customizable courseware manuals that can be used during Instructor-Led Training as well as handy Quick References with shortcuts and tips for on-the-job learning reinforcement.