Published: September 20, 2016

Derek Hann, CLO Of PayPal Shares His Visions For L&D In Exclusive Interview

Exclusive interview focuses on learning and development and the rise of the gig economy

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Derek Hann Speaker At CLO Exchange

San Diego, CA: Derek Hann, Chief Learning Officer of PayPal will join other prestigious speakers at IQPC Exchange’s December edition of Chief Learning Officer Exchange. Hann will look at the ways that an organization can instill a culture of continuous learning in his opening day session, The Case for Continuous Learning: Enablers & Mindset.

Prior to taking the stage, Hann gave insights into some of the aspects of his session in an exclusive interview, Leaving the Rules Behind for a Brighter and More Capable Tomorrow. Hann predicts what learning and development will look like in 2020.

In the interview, this seasoned learning and development leader discusses:

  • The best ways to prepare an organization for coming changes
  • The best ‘first steps’ to maximizing the three key enablers of continuous learning
  • What he envisions for the future of organizational structure and the average career path
  • What he looks forward to about Chief Learning Officer Exchange

About CLO Exchange

The December edition of the 2016 Chief Learning Officer Exchange is an exclusive, forum for senior-level learning and development executives. Panel discussions and interactive sessions are fueled by real-life case studies, research, market intelligence and feedback from industry leaders and influencers. This exclusive event will take place December 4-6, 2016 at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar in sunny San Diego, CA.

Derek Hann is certainly looking forward to the event. When asked what he is most looking forward to, he replied, "This is new territory for me and that is always a neat thing. I find that as the CLO of both eBay and PayPal that I am interested in meeting others who have this title. The scope of work is so different for others that I meet. I look forward to having like-minded folks, or at a minimum, having like titles, all together. I think that Exchange of ideas, particularly in an environment that is that small and intimate can really provide for making deep and meaningful connections very quickly. I learn as much from others across different boundaries so this is an exciting opportunity to come together and have those conversations. Aside from that, it’s in glorious San Diego. Who could complain about that?"