Published: June 20, 2019

DiscoverLink Delivers Instant-Access Training With Launch Of Mobile App

Set your training programs free with the new DiscoverLink Talent Mobile App designed to provide team members with browser-free access to training materials.


Kayla Dusing

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DiscoverLink Launches Talent Mobile App For Instant-Access Training

West Chicago, Illinois—June 20, 2019—DiscoverLink, Inc., the leader in eLearning solutions for the hospitality industry, announces the availability of the DiscoverLink Talent Mobile App. The new extension to DiscoverLink Talent, a Learning Management System (LMS) optimized for restaurants and hotels, provides clients’ team members with instant access to messages, training courses, how-to videos, recipes, and more. With browser-free access to content that must be referenced throughout their shift, team members can use mobile phones or tablets to view information where and when they need it.

Prior to launch, DiscoverLink conducted a 2-month beta program, with 12 DiscoverLink clients testing the Mobile App across more than 100 locations. In a post-beta program survey, the My Training and Resources features in the Mobile App earned 100% satisfactory ratings. Customers reported the Mobile App will be an important technology to have, as it allows learners to use mobile devices for training more easily. Learners can now bring along training aides to refer to and avoid the clutter of paper-based materials.

"We believe this mobile app will greatly help us continue to cut down on our environmental footprint as we move more online with our training materials”, said Jason Lechner, Director of Training and Operations Services for Pizza Ranch, who participated in the beta program. “The ease of access to materials for our team members will help with engagement and improve the capabilities of our team members and managers."

The DiscoverLink Talent Mobile App

  • Provides on-demand access to resources with no login required for Just-In-Time viewing of training content, operations manuals, recipes, how-to videos, and more.
  • Enables messages to be sent to all users across the whole system or to specific groups of users or individuals.
  • Allows learners to log in to complete training assigned to them, but prevents unauthorized offsite access using geofencing security options.
  • Improves the completion rate of online learning for locations with limited bandwidth or unreliable internet connections using Tin Can protocols.
  • Delivers instant feedback on deployed resources with 5-star learner ratings and usage statistics by location.
  • Facilitates easy onsite setup via QR code scanning with no technical assistance required.

“We’re excited to extend our market-leading LMS technology and respond to our clients’ requests for better access to learning on mobile devices,” said Tom Tankelewicz, Chief Operating Officer for DiscoverLink. “With the Mobile App, brands will be able to provide their team members with on-demand access to critical resources, making them more efficient and competent in their roles.”

The DiscoverLink Talent Mobile App is available for mobile devices with iOS 11+ or Android 5.0+ (lollipop). It became available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play on Thursday, June 13th. For more details about the Mobile App, see the Release Notes.

About DiscoverLink, Inc.

DiscoverLink is the leader in eLearning for the hospitality industry, offering a unique combination of content and technology solutions supported by extensive development and implementation expertise. Founded in 2002, DiscoverLink has delivered eLearning solutions for more than 350 restaurant brands, including many of the industry’s leading chains, leveraging the 25+ years of eLearning experience of its founders.

DiscoverLink partners with its clients to develop solutions that combine its library of more than 100 restaurant-specific training courses, with custom-developed courses and a learning management system optimized for the restaurant industry. DiscoverLink uses a metrics-based methodology to measure the success of eLearning programs it deploys for its clients. This ensures a high Return On Investment that enables further investment in training programs.