Published: March 17, 2017

Docebo Transforms Learner Experience In Update To Award-Winning LMS

Docebo’s new release advances the learner experience, offering user-friendly social learning and new functionality. Experience it with a free trial!


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Introducing The New Docebo 7.0

TORONTO - Docebo, the leading Learning Management System (LMS) for businesses, is advancing corporate learning experiences once again with the new 7.0 update to its award-winning platform. The release delivers significant UI/UX enhancements that encourage user adoption and learner engagement, in addition to cutting-edge social learning opportunities, offline training for mobile users, and new ecommerce functionality for businesses selling training.

“Docebo 7.0 showcases our commitment to learner-centric experiences,” says Docebo’s CEO and Founder, Claudio Erba. “By supporting engaging learning experiences we enable our clients to multiply the impact of their learning and development initiatives.”

In a 2016 Brandon Hall Group survey, 87% of companies interested in replacing their LMS indicated the need for a better user experience. Docebo is the Learning Management System provider these companies can turn to, putting the learner first with new features and functionality that will drive better learning outcomes.

Social & Self-Directed Learning

Last year, Docebo Coach and Share introduced informal and social learning to the traditional corporate LMS. Docebo 7.0 goes one step further, integrating social learning elements throughout the platform that allow learners to ask questions and engage in new ways with course material. This offers learners more social learning opportunities than any traditional LMS on the market.

In addition, the update provides new opportunities for users to engage in self-directed learning. “Docebo recognizes that the relationship between the L&D department and the learner is evolving,” explains Donato Mangialardo, Docebo’s Product Marketing Director. “By providing the ability for learners to create custom playlists of course content, Docebo clients can empower learners to design their own learning journey.”

Mobile and Offline Learning

Corporate training can now take place literally anywhere with Docebo’s new offline learning capabilities that promote continuous, uninterrupted learning experiences. Learners simply download the course content while online, access the training offline, and then sync their progress once back online.

Ecommerce Subscriptions

With Docebo 7.0, courses can be bundled and sold courses through a subscription model. With this approach to ecommerce, businesses and professional associations can easily realize recurring revenue.

Simple, Intuitive UI/UX

With Docebo’s new simplified, intuitive experience, learners are able to jump right into Docebo with no introduction and still complete training with ease.

“Docebo now offers the most modern user interface and streamlined user experience of any LMS, for both learners and administrators,” says Mangialardo. “With Docebo, training departments can expect to see an increase in learner engagement and adoption that ultimately drives training results.”

“With Docebo, seeing is believing,” says Erba. Docebo is offering a free 14-day trial that allows learning and development professionals to experience Docebo 7.0 for themselves.