Published: June 17, 2021

DominKnow Releases Its Biggest-Ever Update To DominKnow | ONE

Industry leaders dominKnow Inc. update their award-winning eLearning authoring tool domininKnow | ONE with a streamlined interface for authoring faster than ever before and new authoring features for even more engaging content.

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Ottawa, Canada – 17 June 2021 – Learning solutions and technology company dominKnow Inc. today released its biggest-ever update to dominKnow | ONE, once again demonstrating its industry-leading commitment to helping authors create effective learning content quickly and easily.

The Summer 2021 feature release focuses on making the tool simpler for both new and experienced users to use and to add high-value new features to help authors make content that is even more engaging and effective than ever before.

The release is a major renovation of the authoring experience, simplifying and streamlining how authors work in dominKnow | ONE. A new Add to Your Page panel provides instant access to available content elements for quick addition to a page. A new Ribbon Off mode simplifies the authoring interface for novice users. New access panels with simpler workflows make it easier to add authors to projects, to add Comments to content as you work and to setup Reviewer accounts and content review periods. And a new Share panel makes it quicker than ever to publish content out to an LMS, LRS, website or document.

In addition to making the tool easier and quicker to use, there are also a number of new authoring features added to dominKnow | ONE:

  • Authors can now perform a full text and metadata search for Learning Objects, Pages and Question across the entire catalog of projects, making it easier than ever to re-use content across multiple projects.
  • Authors can now save any Section on a Flow page and add it to their own collection for use as a template in any other Project or as a collaborative shared template for all authors in that project. In Claro, they can save Layers for the same purpose.
  • Five new interactive Exercise activities – Multiple Pulldowns, Fill in the Blanks, Click the Word, Drag the Word and Card Sorting – provide new ways of helping your learners practice new knowledge skills and demonstrate understanding. These are all fully-xAPI enabled.
  • Our dominKnow | ONE community is fully integrated into dominKnow | ONE providing new inline help available on every element you work with on a page means authors can even more easily learn dominKnow | ONE as they work, and even get inspired by capabilities they didn’t know existed.
  • dominKnow’s industry-leading Scenario Builder now supports author-created custom characters and background images. Plus, Scenarios can now be used as scored test questions.

“Since our introduction of Claro a decade ago, we’ve been aggressive at adding new authoring features. There are the big additions like our responsive design option Flow, the dominKnow Community, our hosting CMS Convey and our software simulation feature Capture, but also hundreds of smaller items to help authors make great learning and content experiences. With all those additions also came some complexity, and our summer 2021 feature release removes that complexity without sacrificing the power of ONE,” said Luke Hickey, CEO of dominKnow. “We achieved all of that while continuing our cycle of listening and delivering on our customers’ feedback.”

What this release means for dominKnow’s existing customers?

Existing dominKnow customers will find a faster authoring experience as they complete tasks in fewer steps and find it easier to monitor development tasks like reviews. They’ll also more easily discover features and functionality that are “new to them” but which have long been available in dominKnow | ONE.

What this release means for dominKnow’s future customers?

New authors will find a shorter learning curve as they get started in dominKnow | ONE. The simpler interface organizes major author tasks much more effectively, and the inline help feature means a new author can learn as they work.

The Summer 2021 feature release also contains hundreds of other new features and feature improvements, making this the largest update ever to dominKnow | ONE. New client teams will find easier to understand and existing teams will find it quicker to use than ever before. And because dominKnow | ONE is web-based, client teams won’t have to download any files to receive the new release.

About dominKnow Inc

dominKnow is a learning company that builds software and training solutions, as opposed to a software company that builds products to develop learning content. With more than 20 years in the business and a learner-centric approach to authoring software for content development, dominKnow is distinctively unique across the learning space.

dominKnow | ONE is the latest version of dominKnow's award-winning authoring platform. More than just an authoring tool for eLearning. dominKnow | ONE is a powerful cloud-based authoring system with integrated authoring tools and built-in simulation, working together as one. This lets you easily create, share, reuse, and collaborate on more kinds of content faster by managing assets centrally.

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