Published: February 18, 2021

Double Success Of Learnetic e-learning Solutions In Bett Awards 2021

Learnetic wins a special distinction for complex e-learning initiatives during school closures and is shortlisted for an award with innovative Special Educational Needs software


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Learnetic e-learning Solutions Success In Bett Awards: Brings Home Two Honors

On January 22, during a special online ceremony, the Bett Awards jury presented Learnetic with a special distinction and a “Highly Commended” title in the new “Covid-19 Response Champions - International Initiatives” category for the complex initiatives supporting education during pandemic school closures.

Judges commented that the “Covid-19 Response Champions - International Initiatives” category was “hotly contested” and “Learnetic showed a co-ordinated approach to providing a whole e-learning solution in response to the pandemic. Not only by scaling up their existing platform but also by adding many bespoke resources and teacher-authored lessons, all of which were delivered for free”.

Learnetic still offers Educational Emergency Packages for educational publishers and Ministries of Education to help secure the continuity and accessibility of education during the pandemic. Learn more about this special offer and other Learnetic initiatives by visiting the website.

Learnetic Shorlisted In mTalent Series Category

Learnetic was also announced a finalist of the “Special Educational Needs Solutions” category for the mTalent series, an awarded software designed to support the therapy of children with special needs in education and development. The mTalent series consists of such programs as “Autism: Understanding and Imitating Speech”, “Visual Perception”, “Auditory Perception”, “Difficulties in Handwriting”, and is now looking for distributors. More about the mTalent series and becoming a distributor here.

The Bett Award is the most prominent award for the creators of modern EdTech solutions for education. The awards are given to organizations and companies that have provided support for schools, teachers and students using information and communication technologies in an exceptionally effective or innovative way.

“It’s a great honor” says Lech Wikaryjczyk, Director of Marketing at Learnetic. “We’re truly happy that our e-learning solutions and initiatives implemented to help teachers and students have been recognized at the global forum. We’re also excited for being shortlisted in the ‘Special Educational Needs Solutions’ category - our mTalent series is a real help for young patients and we love to see the message spread.” The winners of the Bett Awards 2021 “Special Educational Needs Solutions” category will be announced in June.

About Learnetic e-learning Solutions

Learnetic is an experienced technology-based company, specialized in complex solutions for educational e-publishers, schools and Ministries of Education. The company provides authoring tools and digitization services for creation of interactive content, ready-made e-resources for K12 (especially in Math & Science and Special Educational Needs) and multifunctional LMS platform (mCourser) for efficient e-content distribution and management. For more information visit the Learnetic website.