Published: April 18, 2019

The Technologies Of The Future At The Service Of Training

DynDevice e-Learning platform for an increasingly complete, flexible, effective and modern management of corporate training courses.

Mega Italia Media S.r.l.

Anthea De Domenico

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DynDevice Platform - A Top 20 e-Learning Platform Worldwide For "User Experience"

It is clear that with the continuous progress of digital technology, the development and pervasiveness of connections and interconnections within the network and the rapid evolution of the labour market, training must continually adapt and renew itself in order to make learning processes increasingly effective.

About DynDevice platform

Mega Italia Media, a company with consolidated experience in safety training and in the development of technologically advanced training applications, has developed DynDevice, a customizable e-Learning platform for the creation, delivery, and management of e-Learning, classroom, and blended corporate training.

DynDevice is an innovative platform that allows not only to control the entire life cycle of production and delivery of training activities, but also to design and create educational content, through the SCORM ™ 2004 3rd Edition and xAPI (Experience API, otherwise known as Tin Can) format, fully compatible with the platform.

What can you do with DynDevice?

DynDevice consists of six different solutions that can be activated according to your needs:

  1. Training Management: centralized management of the entire training in e-Learning, classroom, virtual classroom, blended; creation of a single archive for all documentation;
  2. Delivery of courses in SCORM ™ or xAPI format: training accessible from any device, 24/7;
  3. Creation of courses: creation of training courses featuring your own content and targeted to your needs; possibility to distribute your courses on other DynDevice platforms; control of programming and management activities of any course type;
  4. HR management: control on training obligations; assignment of skill based tasks to employees; scheduling of continuous personnel improvement; management of medical visits and personal data register;
  5. E-commerce courses: immediate courses sale directly from your website; easy management of e-commerce content and website;
  6. Company Intranet: tools for greater and better cooperation and communication among collaborators.

Management of webinars

With the platform developed by Mega Italia Media it is possible to organize live streaming webinars, even for a vast number of members, and include them in your e-Learning or blended courses, making them an integral part of the courses.
In this way, it will be possible to preserve the interaction between the teachers and the other participants in the live event, exactly as within the walls of a classroom.

Evolution of DynDevice 4.0

The platform has been recently updated (DynDevice 4.0) becoming even more modern and functional.

In addition to an even easier use of the platform and control panel, new advanced tools have been implemented.

For example, through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) with modern Deep-Learning algorithms and DNN (Deep Neural Network), DynDevice is now able to guarantee 98% accuracy in the transcription of speech in video and audio files uploaded on the e-Learning courses (created and delivered through the same DynDevice).

The automatic transcription supports both Italian and English and, thanks to this, it is possible to:

  • make courses accessible even to non-hearing learners
  • index courses according to the actual content
  • search among courses and learning objects through the actual content
  • recommend appropriate courses to learners (and platform managers) in a more personalized and timely manner.

The DynDevice apps are available in the stores of Android and iOS devices, or directly in the e-Learning platform, that allow online or offline use of the DynDevice registered courses.

Other news concerning the possibility of:

  • managing registrations and checking the courses usage progress on DynDevice through the well-known HR and HCM SAP® SuccessFactors suite;
  • importing and delivering learning objects in xAPI format, which are then added to the learning objects in SCORM ™ format for which DynDevice has been certified for years.

In the e-Commerce solution it is now possible to allow access to the e-Learning platform via SPID, the Public Identity System, or via smart-cards such as CNS and CIE (electronic identity card).

With the current update, DynDevice is increasingly becoming the best platform for future training! Let’s connect for a demo of DynDevice today.