Published: April 28, 2016

eFrontPro 4.4 Update Introducing Rich Content Creation With H5P Integration

Rich HTML5 content creation in eFrontPro just got easier, thanks to the introduction of native support for the H5P framework in the popular eLearning platform's recent 4.4 update.

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eFrontPro 4.4 Update Introducing Rich Content Creation With H5P Integration

San Francisco, April 28, 2016 - H5P, a freely available, open source set of content creation tools and content exchange standards, has seen significant adoption from websites looking to provide rich and interactive online experiences to their audiences, leveraging the capabilities of modern HTML5 browsers.

With the native turn-key support for H5P content types in eFrontPro 4.4, instructors can now add rich interactive content (including videos, presentations, charts, games and more) to their courses as easily as adding any other content type.

In addition to the numerous ready-made H5P content types (such as interactive videos and timelines, memory games, find-the-hotspot quizzes and more), programming savvy content creators can also create and load their own H5P compatible widgets, with ample examples and documentation provided in the project's website.

"From the early design stages of eFrontPro, and the integration of the proprietary EncodeMagic content conversion engine, we have always focused on providing an easy, fast and flexible content creation workflow for our users. As such, we're very excited with the native H5P support landing in eFrontPro, as it enables a whole new level of rich interactive eLearning and Talent Development experiences.", Epignosis co-founder and CTO Athanasios Papagelis stated.

"I'm excited to welcome eFrontPro's users to the H5P community. A global collaboration on creating rich and engaging interactive content, and the technology for such content. I'm also looking forward to continue our collaboration with the visionaries at Epignosis LLC. I hope to see a lot of creative work coming out of this. We built H5P to empower everyone to create great interactive content, and I hope that we can achieve that together with and for all the eFrontPro users." H5P Founder, Svein-Tore Griff With, stated.

Aside from H5P rich content support, the recently released eFrontPro 4.4 also brings a large number of major and minor new features to the platform, including learning history, content versioning, 2 factor authentication, xAPI (TinCan) 1.0 support, self-assessment tests, and further Branch customization options.

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