Published: June 9, 2017

EI Design Holds Microlearning Webinar; Announces Free Nugget Offer

After successfully holding a webinar on How You Can Use Microlearning To Improve ROI, EI Design has rolled out an offer to avail a FREE Microlearning nugget to help organizations understand the power of Microlearning and use it in their trainings.

EI Design

Asha Pandey

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EI Design Announces Free Microlearning Nugget Offer

These are times where employees work in fast-paced work environments. While organizations do encourage employees to dedicate a few hours for formal trainings, there is no escaping the fact that with multiple tasks at hand, modern-day employees end up giving limited time for trainings.

Microlearning can help organizations offset this challenge as it is short, focused, engaging, and high on impact. That apart, Microlearning is relatively lighter on training budgets, is quicker to develop, and can be deployed in a variety of formats that appeal to modern-day learners.

To help organizations understand how Microlearning can help them achieve the dual objective of delivering high-impact training to their employees as well as obtaining a positive ROI, EI Design held a webinar on How You Can Use Microlearning To Improve ROI on April 27, 2017. Based on the response the webinar received, it has taken another step forward and announced an attractive offer inviting organizations to avail a 2-minute Microlearning nugget in the format of their choice for FREE.

Those interested can get their hands on their FREE Microlearning nugget in just three simple steps:

  1. Choose a format.
  2. Submit your content.
  3. Get your FREE Microlearning nugget.

The offer is for a limited time period and can be availed on or before June 20, 2017.


According to Asha Pandey, Founder and Chief Learning Strategist, EI Design, this is a great opportunity for organizations to see first-hand how Microlearning can serve their purpose of providing engaging trainings in short bursts to their employees. “On one hand you have the growing presence of millennials in the workforce who tend to have short attention spans. On the other, you have employees citing lack of time as a reason to skip trainings. With this scenario increasingly prompting organizations to think of a different learning strategy, it makes perfect business sense to adopt Microlearning and offer bite-sized learning to these learner groups,” says she.

As part of the offer, EI Design is providing the option to choose a format for the FREE Microlearning nugget which Asha feels is an opportunity organizations would not want to miss. “Learners today expect trainings to be delivered in rich media formats. We at EI Design develop Microlearning nuggets in a variety of formats that appeal to varied learning styles of learners. We’re providing organizations with the option to choose a format of their choice and test waters. We’re pretty sure the FREE samples will convince them to integrate Microlearning in their learning strategy,” she adds.