Published: March 22, 2022

EI Design Celebrates 20 Years Of Making A Difference In The L&D World

EI Design, a learning experience design company, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The company has announced the launch of its Advisory and Consulting Services, strengthening its position as the preferred strategic partner for global L&D teams.

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EI Design Reaches Milestone Of Two Decades In Business

EI Design is celebrating 20 years of delivering transformational learning experiences for its customers. Marking this historical milestone, Asha Pandey, EI Design’s Founder and Chief Learning Strategist, shared:

From starting with a team of three to becoming a leading solution provider in the global eLearning space, EI Design has come a long way. Today, it feels great to be the preferred partner for Fortune 500 companies, large organizations, emerging startups, and educational institutions across the world.

We have always focused on providing exceptional customer service and bespoke solutions to help our customers ensure that training investments lead to performance gain and business results. Over the last two decades, we have sustained growth higher than industry standards.

EI Design has received recognition from leading analysts and industry publications on their frameworks and methodologies to measure training effectiveness and impact. Their unique Predictive Learnability framework and Learning and Performance Ecosystem-based approach enables them to improve training efficiency and retention, leading to performance gain.

What Prominent Industry Stalwarts Have To Say About EI Design’s Value Proposition

Michael Rochelle (Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group)

EI Design offers a unique value proposition that is rarely seen in the market. EI Design assists organizations in optimizing the impact of learning on individual, team, and organizational performance, and maximizing the ROI on learning.

Christopher Pappas (Founder, eLearning Industry)

EI Design goes above and beyond to help evolve the world of eLearning with its expertise, strategies, and innovative ideas. I trust that their methodologies and training needs analysis experience can lead companies to choose the proper training solutions.

Ken Taylor (President, Training Industry, Inc)

EI Design’s focus on the combination of learning and performance strategy with specific attention to effective measurement of the business impact of their programs sets them apart from many of the vendors in the custom content segment of the market.

Moving Forward Into 2022 And Beyond

EI Design has extended its portfolio with L&D Advisory and Consulting Services. They have a comprehensive framework for helping organizations “futureproof” their learning. From strategy to development, and delivery to measurement, they work with their customers to ensure training investments drive performance gain and maximize training ROI.

They drive optimal Virtual Training transformation and improve training effectiveness and efficiency by:

  • Adopting an integrated approach that matches the needs of both the learners and the business.
  • Optimizing training from content development to delivery.
  • Leveraging strategies to drive engagement, improve retention, and enhance application of learning on the job.
  • Implementing best practices to measure and maximize training impact.
  • Creating a stronger link between training and performance.

With an ever-changing landscape, EI Design continues to remain ahead of the curve in supporting businesses to deliver learning and performance support solutions that deliver a high ROI for the learner, business, and organization. From content development and LearnTech to L&D Advisory and Consulting, they are the go-to partner of choice for training.

Key Highlights And Achievements

  • They have serviced customers from more than 24 countries and 26 industry verticals, including aviation, healthcare, BFSI, and management consulting.
  • Their customer retention rate, nearly 90%, reflects the value they have provided to their customers and their focus on building long-term strategic partnerships.
  • With 13,000+ hours of eLearning solutions delivered, their customer work has already received 25 Brandon Hall Awards.
  • They have also been featured as a Top Content Provider in 39 global ranking lists, in 18 different categories.
  • EI Design promotes learning for all and has expertise in accessibility-enabled eLearning and accessibility-enabled platforms.
  • Consistent with EI Design’s focus on customer solutions and technical excellence is its commitment to being a destination for top talent. They have a high talent retention rate with one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry.
  • They are an equal opportunity organization that embraces diversity and promotes women in leadership.
  • Their Corporate Social Responsibility focus includes education for underprivileged girls, skilling tribal women, and vocational training for people with special needs.
  • A thought leader in the eLearning Industry, EI Design’s articles, eBooks, and webinars are among the most read and downloaded resources by L&D professionals.

Visit EI Design’s website and start a conversation with them to learn more.