Published: February 13, 2017

EI Design Rolls Out Learning Portals For Employee Engagement

To address the dual challenge of changing learner expectations and organizations’ push for higher employee engagement, EI Design has come up with a wide range of Learning Portal based solutions cutting across training needs and learning formats .

EI Design

Asha Pandey

[email protected]


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Learning Portals For Employee Engagement

There’s a massive shift today in the way learning approaches are being looked at by organizations and learners alike. The focus today is on flexibility, engaging formats, shorter learning nuggets, just-in-time information, collaborative learning, and learning experiences that are fun, engaging, and motivating.

EI Design’s Learning Portal based solutions are targeted at not just providing these experiences to learners but ensuring they get them all in one place. Gamification, Microlearning, Social Learning, Performance Support, Videos, Activities, Discussions, Chats – the possibilities of providing learners with the option of choosing what and how they want to learn on a portal are plenty!

With a range of varied learning solutions that appeal to varied learning profiles, these portals are perfect for organizations and learners alike. Besides, they are responsive, multi-device compatible, and facilitate personalization of learning, something that excites the modern-day learner population a lot.

These portals can also be used for varied training needs. EI Design has rolled out portal based solutions for Induction and Onboarding, Employee engagement, Sales and Marketing Resource Center, Best practices (Project Management), Best practices (Corporate Quality mandate), Innovation (creating a culture of innovation in an organization), Change management (for HCM), and Content Curation.


According to Asha Pandey, Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design, organizations must consider investing on Learning Portals as tools to step up the learner engagement.

“Organizations are looking for approaches that encourage learner engagement and drive the acquired learning to application on the job. Learning Portals help achieve this and more as they help learners achieve a specific learning focus and give them the control on how they want to learn. In contrast to the traditional mode of learning, they offer personalized learning paths and encourage “learning as a continuum”. Learning portals match the expectations businesses and learners have and this is why it makes business sense to adopt them”, says she.