Published: April 13, 2017

EI Design Completes 15 Years And Unveils Vision 2020

After successfully completing 15 years of transforming learning, EI Design aims bigger with its “Vision 2020” to benefit its customers and the learning industry as a whole.

EI Design Pvt. Ltd.

Asha Pandey

[email protected]


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EI Design Unveils Vision 2020 After 15 Years Existence In The Learning Industry

2017 marks the 15th year of EI Design’s existence. In the last decade and a half, the Learning industry has evolved, and so has EI Design. The organization has come a long way from making its humble beginnings in Feb 2002 to making its presence felt in the global Learning arena, making its way into the Top 10 eLearning companies of the world.

The company has been crafting immersive learning solutions addressing various training needs across different industry verticals. It has also made huge advances in terms of securing the thought leadership position and has enviable feats to its name.

The organization now looks to carry the positive momentum forward and is looking to accomplish bigger things with its Vision 2020”.

Vision 2020

As per this mandate, EI Design aims to:

  1. Enhance its thought leadership position further through exploration, innovation, and Competency Lab initiatives.
  2. Be recognized as a key learning solutions provider in the global space.
  3. Craft its solutions, services, and products using a human-centered approach by providing the right balance between learner and business needs and what technology can offer; gaining a deep understanding of user behaviours and providing great learner experiences; and using data and analytics to fuel its Solution Architecting mandate.
  4. Establish a culture of innovation and design-thinking to maximize customer experience.
  5. Continue its efforts to create the company as the "preferred workplace".


According to Asha Pandey, Founder and Chief Learning Strategist, EI Design, the Vision 2020 mandate will provide Brand EI Design with the push it needs to be recognized as the top Learning and Performance Support solutions provider in the world.

“Over the last 15 years, we’ve been crafting innovative solutions that appeal to the learners, create the required performance gain that businesses would like to see, and have a clear demonstrable impact on the ROI. We owe a large part of our success to our sustained focus on innovation, operational excellence, and a team which works only on customer delight.

As we complete this phase of 15 years of our journey, and we look ahead to what we call as the Vision 2020, we see more success. With our learnability framework; a wider Solution Architecting focus; research on future trends in user behavior, interaction models, and technology; and AGILE solutions, we’re gunning for the pole position in the Learning circuit”, says she.