Published: May 24, 2018

EI Design Wins 3 Communicator Awards

EI Design’s work has been selected by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts for 3 Communicator Awards.

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EI Design Shines At The 24th Annual Communicator Awards With 3 Wins

The 24th Annual Communicator Award winners were recently announced, and EI Design was honored with 3 awards.

1. 2018 Communicator Award Of Excellence For Our eBook How Gamification Is Reshaping Corporate Training

EI Design’s eBook How Gamification is Reshaping Corporate Training won an Excellence award at the Communicator Award’s Fall 2018 contest in the General Education for Websites category.

Gamification has proven to be a powerful solution when it comes to increasing motivation, engagement rates, and triggering the right behavioral change. While many organizations realize the importance of gamification and have clearly identified a need for it, they don’t move ahead because incorporating gamification into their learning strategy can be overwhelming. The lack of understanding about gamification can confuse you even more.

This gamified eBook is intended to help organizations and L&D professionals learn more about gamification and understand how they can implement gamification in their learning strategy.

This eBook has already bagged two Davey Awards and One Omni Award:

  • Davey Awards - A gold in the "Websites – Games/Games Related for Websites" category
  • Davey Awards - A silver in the "Websites – Education for Websites" category.
  • Omni Award - A bronze award in the “Educational” category

About The Solution

This gamified eBook aims at helping organizations and eLearning professionals learn more about gamification and understand how they can incorporate gamification into their learning strategy.

  • The learner is introduced to a fictional character, Pengu.
  • The learner walks along with Pengu on his journey home (maps to the learning path of the eBook).
  • The journey is divided into five zones consisting of different types of terrain (maps to different sections of the eBook).
  • Learners need to go through them one after the other to be able to help Pengu get the maximum number of fish for his family (maps to achievements).
  • Besides providing details on how to use gamification in corporate training, the fun-filled gamified journey uses a few elements to illustrate the gains such techniques can bring to corporate training.

2. 2018 Communicator Award Of Distinction For Our Gamified Mobile Learning App On Restaurant Management To Teach How To Manage Customer Expectations

This gamified app-based learning nugget is targeted at users who are always on the move and prefer to use their mobile devices for their digital learning.

About The Solution

This mobile app is designed to support and reinforce a formal training on the same subject (managing customer expectations). It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices.

It features:

  • Gamified challenges and assessments (that are scalable to support multiple modules and programs)
  • Scores and leaderboards
  • Access to short job aids to reinforce learning

While the app format uses a set of questions and challenges that play out as a game, it is designed to teach a definitive learning outcome. It enables learners to understand the power of a service quality model (RATER model). The content of the RATER model is overlaid with a restaurant theme where the learners need to take up five challenges related to the RATER model and build a successful 5-star rated restaurant.

Game Dynamics

  1. The game has five phases mapping the five ways to measure service quality using the RATER model.
  2. At the end of each phase (irrespective of whether they get the star or not), they are given reference material to read through about that particular phase. If they confirm downloading the material, they earn bonus points that they can redeem in the later phases of the game.
  3. One of the key features is the leaderboard, which is linked to the database on the cloud server. This allows learners to check their performance against their peers.

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3. 2018 Communicator Award Of Distinction For Our Video On “6 Strategies To Design Effective eLearning For Millennial Workforce”

The percentage of Millennials in the workplace has increased, and over the next 4 years, they will be a significant part of the workforce in several global leading economies.

Considering the traits of the Millennials in the workplace and their preferred learning styles, this video showcases 6 learning strategies that are bound to work and engage the Millennials.

You can watch the video here.

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