Published: July 14, 2017

EI Design Wins GOLD At APEX Award

EI Design wins gold in the “Electronic Media” category at the APEX awards for their Microlearning Solution “A Date with Data Dave” on data security.

EI Design

Asha Pandey

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EI Design Wins Gold Award For Data Security

EI Design has won GOLD in the "Electronic Media" category at the Apex Awards for their entry "A Date with Data Dave," a Microlearning nugget on Data Security designed using the Parallax web-based scrolling technology.

"The solution has also been commended by our customers for its unique appeal, ease of learning, and high learner engagement (particularly in the context of Compliance training that tends to be flat and boring). This award is a testimony to the high-impact, immersive learning experience that our solutions provide," stated Asha Pandey, the CMD at EI Design.

About the Solution

EI Design’s winning entry for the APEX Awards was the "Data Dave" Microlearning nugget based on Data Security compliance. This nugget is part of a comprehensive Data Security module developed by us a while ago. A scrolling, 2D interactive, web-based training format called “Interactive Parallax” is used in this nugget.

The learner "scrolls" through each stage of the nugget that highlights the importance of Data Security and lists the ways to control security breaches. It is based on an interactive learning approach with a fictional character called "Data Dave" as the presenter. He walks you through three office setups and then a security setting called "Safe Base LLP." In each of these stages, the ways of securing your data is shown using examples. Dave guides through each setting and gives instructions to avoid any security breaches.

This type of interactive Microlearning approach is more desirable than the traditional classroom training. The conversational approach of the nugget 'A Date with Data Dave' helps to learn the essentials of the Data Security and Compliance process in a fast and easy way.

Need a glimpse? Check out the solution here.

About EI Design

EI Design is a leading Learning and Performance Support solutions provider that thrives on transforming learning – keeping it alive, relevant, impactful, and continuous.

Over the last 15 years, EI Design has created 8000+ hours of learning solutions for customers in 16 countries across the world. These solutions cut across 20+ industry verticals and address varied corporate training needs including Compliance, Soft Skills, Behavioral Change, Application Simulations, Induction and Onboarding, Health and Safety, Product Training, Sales Training, Information Security, and so on. Of these, 1000+ hours were for mLearning and 415 hours were localised in 26 languages.

EI Design has been ranked #2 in the world (twice in a row) as a key learning and performance support solution provider. It has recently been certified as a CMMI Level 3 Organization, which means our customers can be assured of the quality of work we generate and the value we bring in terms of keeping them ahead of the curve.