Published: March 10, 2017

ej4 Launches New Advanced Reporting Features

ej4, an award-winning eLearning content and Learning Management System (LMS) provider, launches new reporting features.


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ej4 Creates Intuitive Measurement Tools

SAINT LOUIS, MO (March 9, 2017) – ej4, an award-winning eLearning content and Learning Management System (LMS) provider, launches new reporting features.

The new reporting features give administrators the flexibility to view their learning data as a chart or CSV file.  These upgrades come in response to extensive client feedback ej4 has received on the reporting functionality of Thinkzoom (LMS). These features are new, they do not replace the standard reports for total views, top courses, top topics, top users, favorite courses, recommended courses, and the popular leaderboard that have always existed in the LMS.

“Based on feedback from our customers, we wanted administrators to be able to fine-tune charts for quick overviews, create reports on specific user subsets, and to generate reports for specific user actions,” said ej4 CTO, Tom Lynch. “All of this data can be stored in a Reports Dashboard to make it easy to sort through.”

If an administrator would like a quick, visual representation of their data, they can create customizable charts based on the information that matters most to the success of their training program, such as a specific learning group, location, or any other data point that would help them analyze the behaviors of their learners. Once a chart is created, they can organize it in their own personal dashboard for as long as they need to track the data. Since the data is already in chart form, it makes sharing the information in a meeting or presentation seamless.

In addition to the upgraded charts, Thinkzoom also received an upgraded report wizard. The new report wizard makes it easy to receive the data you need and display it onscreen, or you can download the data through a CSV file. Running reports has never been easier with the ability to customize the data by any attribute that is loaded into your Thinkzoom campus. With the ability to run a one-off report, or schedule reports to run on a specific timeline, our users can access the information easily on any device.

“These new features continue to reinforce Thinkzoom as a cutting-edge, interactive platform that provides administrators with the tools needed to monitor the effectiveness of their training programs,” said ej4 CEO, Ryan Eudy.

Utilizing customer feedback to continually improve the platform, content and service offerings is a core philosophy of ej4.  Feedback from the beta test of the new features was positive:

“I love the ability to create, move, and delete different charts.”

“The new options allow me to get to data without having to manipulate spreadsheets.”

“The ability to quickly download the chart – either in CSV or the chart image is so nice!”

“The ability to drill into the data even more is awesome. There are a lot more options with the new report wizard.”

In addition to these reporting features, ej4 continues to add to the value of its products and services by producing new eLearning content and updating previous content each month. These updates are provided to clients without any additional fees and help them keep training programs fresh and relevant. ej4 strives to continuously improve its Thinkzoom LMS as new technologies are created.

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