Published: May 22, 2017

ej4 Launches "The Quad," A New Social Learning Technology

The Quad is a new feature of ej4's Thinkzoom LMS campus where learners create their own informal network of peers to see what courses others are watching, what achievements they've earned, and much more.


Chris Scherting

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ej4 Launches The Quad, A New Social Community Feature

SAINT LOUIS, MO (May 22, 2017)ej4, an award-winning eLearning content and Learning Management System (LMS) provider adds a new social community feature to Thinkzoom, it’s LMS. This new space was created to encourage learners to connect with other learners for friendly competition, knowledge sharing and training reinforcement for a more engaging learning experience.

Ryan Eudy, Chief Executive Officer of ej4, stated “Social learning and gamification are more than just industry buzzwords.  It has been proven to increase productivity by accelerating onboarding, speed the problem-solving process with peer collaboration and improve the learning of passive learners by giving them access to their peers of choice.”

About The Quad

The Quad is a new feature of the Thinkzoom (LMS) campus where learners can create their own informal network of peers beyond their formal assigned groups. They can see how they stack up against their peers through leaderboards, recent activity of courses viewed, badges earned, exams taken, and comments posted in their network. All clients of ej4 on the Thinkzoom platform automatically have access to this new social community as part of their existing license agreement.

“Our technology team is dedicated to offering our clients new cutting-edge features to help them increase the return of their learning dollars. The addition of the social learning technology was a frequent mention during our client success calls and satisfaction studies. The Quad provides the foundation for future innovation that will add more value to our client experience. This deployment is the first step in a series of exciting changes that will personalize content recommendations for our learners,” said Tom Lynch, Chief Technology Officer of ej4.

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About ej4

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