Published: September 29, 2020

eLearning Industry's Got A New Editor!

Are you an eLearning professional with a flair for writing? Are you an Instructional Designer who wants to share tips about creating an online course? With so many changes happening in the world right now, the eLearning industry is just exploding with knowledge that needs to be shared. Why not use our New Editor to let others within the online learning community hear what you have to say? Let us provide you with a platform to voice your know-how and expertise.

eLearning Industry

Editorial Team

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Check Out Our New Editor

eLearning Industry is going through some big changes. Not only have we completely rebranded ourselves, but we have also updated our Article Editor. We want to make sure that submitting an article is as easy as possible for our community of eLearning professionals. Here at eLearning Industry, we strive to keep our community happy by making sure that our site is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

What's Different In The Article Editor?

Well, we've changed a lot, starting from our new User Interface to our Help Center! The basics of uploading and editing an article are still pretty much the same, so no need to worry; however, we've simplified the process.

New User Interface

Our new User Interface is sleek and clean. Just simply add an Article Title, Summary, Subtitle, and Content and then submit for the review.

Our Help Center

Our Help Center is a new feature that we have added to help answer any inquiries that you might have regarding your article. Just click on the teal lightbulb to the right of your screen to access our Knowledge Base, which is full of how-to guides and FAQS,  as well as our tips regarding SEO and readability.

Preview Your Article

Now it is easier than ever before to preview your article before you submit. All you need to do is click the Preview icon at the top of the eLearning Industry's new Editor and voilà your article as it will appear on eLearning Industry. Also, please keep in mind that even after you have submitted an article for review, you can still monitor the process through your personal account. How? Just click the Preview button next to the article that is Pending Review.

How To Publish An Article On eLearning Industry

You've taken the time to sit down and write an interesting and informative article (no easy feat), so submitting your article through the new eLearning Industry's new Editor shouldn't be hard work—it should be as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Go to Articles on your Dashboard, click Add New.
  2. Use the Editor to fine-tune your article.
  3. Submit your article for review.

Do You Have Something To Say?

Don't waste another minute, now is the time to submit your article to eLearning Industry. We are always looking for fresh, new content that pushes the boundaries and excites and motivates our readers. As part of our rebranding initiative, we are also broadening our community to other niches related to corporate training, so we are constantly on the lookout for articles about HR, recruitment, and so much more.

As the first choice of 936,000+ eLearning experts, we are here to make it easy for you to establish authority, exchange ideas and knowledge, as well as define your voice and leave a legacy among other professionals within the eLearning community.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your article today!