Published: October 8, 2020

eLearning Industry Offers Free Job Postings

eLearning Industry is more than proud to offer free job postings to organizations in view of tackling unemployment due to COVID-19. By honoring our corporate social responsibility, we opt for giving a helping hand to recruiters, prospective employers, and employees.

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Tackling Unemployment With Free Job Postings At eLearning Industry

While the COVID-19 pandemic persists, the reality has changed for most organizations and employees regarding the recruitment process. As many of our colleagues have found themselves in the uncomfortable position of losing their jobs, it is our duty to assist them in every way possible and tackle the high unemployment levels. This is why at eLearning Industry, we are willing to offer free job postings to organizations, talent and recruitment managers, HR professionals, and more!

Whether it is on remote working or an on-site job opportunity, we stand for our corporate social responsibility to give a helping hand to recruiters, prospective employers, and employees.

Why Publish Your Job Posting At eLearning Industry

By announcing your job vacancy at eLearning Industry, you can reap all the benefits our community has to offer. Find the right fit for your organization by discovering qualified, highly trained candidates and eLearning professionals for remote or on-site working.

Overall, the journey of finding the ideal candidate is not an easy task for recruiters, head hunters, and human resources professionals. By using eLearning Industry’s job posting template, you will get the chance to spread the word about your job postings—now for free.

Benefits Of eLearning Industry In Contrast To Other Job Publishing Websites

  • Get in front of 936,000+ highly targeted corporate training buyers and eLearning professionals.
  • Your free job posting will be live for 30 days.
  • Get the attention you want with a great appearance on any device.
  • Attract the most skilled and qualified professionals for your job opening.
  • Our marketing team will promote your Job Posting on eLearning Industry’s social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook).
  • Unique pageviews (within 60 days): 510–1,100.

How Can I Publish A Free Job Posting On eLearning Industry?

Starting today, you can publish your free job posting by visiting our eShop. This offer is valid until December 31st, 2020.

Simply select and add to your cart a job posting, go to checkout, and insert the coupon code “FREEJOB” in the relevant field. You will receive a full discount, and you can start the submission process. A detailed description of the submission process will be sent to your email once you complete your purchase. Remember to check the availability calendar and once you make your purchase, don't forget to book the desired publication date.

Feel free to contact our teams for more information at all times.

Within the framework of our corporate social responsibility, we ask you to share the news and help reach out to all professionals that might be struggling during these difficult times. It is our honor to make a true impact on the industry of eLearning professionals by offering the chance to post for free job postings on our website.

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