Published: September 14, 2016

eLearning For Kids: Enters Public Beta

Ascendia SA announces the Public Beta launch of, an elearning portal for kids made with HTML5 technology.

Ascendia S.A.

Alex Malureanu

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Ascendia SA Launches The Educational Portal

Ascendia SA announces the Public Beta launch of, an eLearning portal for kids made with HTML5 technology.


The portal is an online platform with eLearning games targeting 4 to 12 years olds with an appetite for technology and future advancements. To help along the way, the users are guided through the content by five robots which have the role of elearning avatars: Zalmox, Derzelis, G4, H.E.N.A and L.A.U.

The main purpose of the Dacobots portal is to train and educate the new generations in a modern environment. To this resolve, it is necessary that the methods employed to disseminate information ensure an efficient way of capturing the kids’ attention. The Dacobots portal provides a wide range of educational games that are meant to enrich the knowledge of its users and to enhance their cognitive abilities in an entertaining way.

The initial phase features six subjects which are in development: Health, Math, Science, Language, History and Art.


The Beta version of the Dacobots portal consists of 30 educational games grouped into several series:

  • The “Brain Power” series centers around learning and brain training strategies, as well as mnemonic techniques. Example: Chaining Mnemonics
  • The “Arithmetic” series centers around basic math skills. Example: The Commutative Property
  • The “Healthy Eating” series centers around healthy food choices. Example: Calories
  • The “Bygone Civilizations” series centers around the greatest civilizations of the world and the importance of the past. Example: The Dacians
  • The “Basics of Genetics” series is centered around cells, DNA, and RNA. Example: DNA
  • The “Parts of Speech” series is centered around Nouns, Pronouns, Articles, Verbs and Adjectives. Example: Verbs
  • The “Dangerous Habits” series is centered around the effects of stress, sugar, salt and fat. Example: Sugar High

The world of the Dacobots is a world of tomorrow, of technology, a world where education and entertainment intertwine. The educational content is related to many subject matters which are presented in accordance with the latest scientific discoveries.


The portal and its eLearning games can be accessed for free for a limited time only. PCs, MAC systems, tablets and smartphones with Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Android or IOS as operating systems can load the entire eLearning content.

Implementation languages: English – this internationally spoken language was chosen for the Beta version. Support for additional languages is in development.

Partnerships: The next step in the development plan of the product is to establish local and international strategic partnerships in order to promote the developed content. Other additional developments are currently in the making. More information will be disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner.


Ascendia operates in the field of eLearning since 2007, being one of the consecrated software and eContent developers for the educational sphere in the Romanian public and private sector. Having developed over 8,000 interactive eLearning modules for multinational companies and ministers of education in nine countries, both directly and through third parties integrators, Ascendia is an agile player dedicated to digital education. Some of Ascendia’s successful projects are the EduTeca Digital Software Collection for preschoolers, digital textbooks for school-aged children, and a corporate Learning Management System. Since 2014, Ascendia owns the portal, which is the most important source of information regarding the field of eLearning in Romania, having over 1,000 articles for those who are interested in this field.