Published: July 19, 2016

eLearning Marketplace Jam Pan Announces Partnership With Elucidat

Global online learning marketplace Jam Pan has announced a partnership with the award-winning authoring tool Elucidat to provide free three-month licenses to freelancers and agencies.


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Jam Pan Announces Partnership With Elucidat

Through this partnership, freelance eLearning developers who are signed up with Jam Pan, which connects expert freelancers and agencies with businesses looking for creative learning solutions, will receive a free, three-month license for Elucidat. The goal of the partnership is to help freelancers develop their Elucidat skills so that they can then pitch for work that involves Elucidat expertise.

Jam Pan founder, David Wood, says that the partnership is a win-win. “Elucidat is growing fast and needs more freelance developers to support that growth, and Jam Pan has hundreds of high-quality eLearning developers around the world. This partnership enables freelancers to develop their skills, which will help Elucidat deliver for their customers.”

Through Jam Pan’s new skills-matching feature, freelance eLearning developers will be able to develop their Elucidat skills and build up a portfolio of their work. By adding the authoring tool to their skills listing on Jam Pan, freelancers will be notified as soon as there is a client job requiring Elucidat skills.

Commenting on the partnership, Elucidat Customer Success Director, Steve Penfold, says: “Elucidat clients benefit from our software platform that helps them simplify and speed up eLearning production. Our exciting new partnership with Jam Pan now allows Elucidat to supply highly skilled freelancers to help our clients speed up this process even further.”

Elucidat, which won the Gold Award at the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards in 2015, is seeing a surge in interest from organizations around the world. The company already boasts a client list that includes Tesco, Johnson & Johnson, and Franklin Covey.

Wood adds, “There is a growing demand from clients for Elucidat skills, so it makes perfect sense for us to help our large pool of talented eLearning developers to develop these skills. This is an exciting initiative for Jam Pan, which we believe will really help the eLearning sector and its clients.”

Freelancers interested in getting an Elucidat license should contact Jam Pan at [email protected].

About Elucidat

Elucidat is a simple eLearning authoring platform proven to help organisations accelerate the production of high quality eLearning for their learners, without significantly increasing costs.

Unlike most eLearning authoring software, Elucidat is designed specifically for ‘non-technical’ authors, such as trainers and content editors to collaborate together. This means more people can be involved in the process, which removes bottlenecks and speeds up production times.

Courses produced using Elucidat work perfectly on any device - computer, tablet or mobile.

For more information about Elucidat please visit their Elucidat's website.

About Jam Pan

Jam Pan is a global on-demand eLearning services platform that connects expert freelancers and agencies from around the world with businesses that need them.