Published: September 23, 2019

EMMA By Unicheck Is Live: A Pioneering Solution To Contract Cheating

Unicheck, plagiarism and cheating prevention software, has released EMMA, an AI-based authorship verification assistant. With EMMA, educators can spend less time grading papers, and students can become motivated to enhance their writing skills.


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New AI Authorship Verification Helper: EMMA By Unicheck

Unicheck, a leading plagiarism prevention solution, has rolled out its innovative, AI-charged authorship verification helper. Running automatically as a part of Unicheck’s plagiarism detection software, EMMA analyzes the writing style of the student based on their previous works and provides advice regarding ownership of the current submission.

To make it as easy as possible for educators, EMMA assistant is integrated into Unicheck providing authorship advice right in their originality report.

This allows making all stages of assessment fully autonomous, which saves plenty of time to instructors. No need for academics or admins to set up another tool. EMMA kicks off automatically along with originality check and is available to all users across Learning Management Systems.

With the stylometry and Natural Language Processing algorithms at her core, EMMA, studies each writing, classifies results into linguistic and stylistic and returns a verdict. EMMA’s authorship verification mastery is being constantly improved as she learns the style of each student through their papers.

To properly recognize an individual writing style, EMMA needs to study the minimum of 3 unique papers ranging from 300 to 1,000 words of one author. The fundamental condition to EMMA’s successful authorship verification is giving a solid authentic set of texts to learn from.

EMMA was created to spare educators’ time for grading and at the same time to inspire students to develop their personal writing voice.

"Unicheck is on a mission to raise academic integrity in higher education and K-12," says Serhii Tkachenko, CEO at Unicheck.

"This ultimate goal drives us to add new sophisticated yet handy features to Unicheck, like Emma, that encourage students to develop an individual voice and reduce contract cheating attempts."

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