Published: March 5, 2019

The CIPD Accredits A Further Two Engage In Learning eLearning Courses

The only body in the world that’s able to award Chartered status to individual HR and L&D professionals - the CIPD - has accredited a further two eLearning courses from Engage in Learning.

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CIPD Recognises The Worth Of Two More Engage In Learning eLearning Courses

Hot on the heels of the CIPD accrediting Engage in Learning’s ‘Unconscious Bias’ and ‘Unconscious Bias for Managers’ courses, confirming that their learning value and structure conforms to continuous professional development (CPD) guidelines, comes news that the CIPD has also awarded the same status to the courses on ‘Right to Work’ and ‘International Fraud Bribery and Corruption’.

In formally acknowledging their worth, the courses’ assessor, from the CIPD, commented, “The User Interface was friendly, easy to navigate and clearly labelled throughout by use of large Icons. Value was added by options for Audio, download links and links to further reading.

“Lots of interactive elements were offered, along with test questions and scenario-based learning. All these things combine to increase the CPD value by engaging the learners and allowing opportunities for the application of the knowledge learned.”

Kate Carter, Engage in Learning’s Operations and Marketing Manager, explained, “The International Fraud Bribery and Corruption eLearning materials are widely applicable because – sadly - bribery and corruption are found in all countries. Moreover, these issues hurt the poor disproportionately, undermine economic growth and are a barrier to poverty alleviation and good governance.

“The Engage in Learning course defines key terms and concepts, introduces learners to policies and responsibilities, as well as outlining good practice in typical situations they could encounter.”

Turning to the ‘Right to Work’ eLearning materials, Kate Carter said, “It’s important that, whenever you employ someone, you should check their right to work in the UK - to comply with government legislation.

“This course aims to help users understand their responsibilities under current UK legislation. It also shows users how to carry out a right to work check and works through some typical examples that users might encounter.”

Chris Horseman, Engage in Learning’s Managing Director, commented, “It’s great to see a world-renowned body such as the CIPD recognising the worth of even more of Engage in Learning’s eLearning materials.

“Our aim is always to make informative and engaging learning materials that motivate and enable learners to learn – as well as provide value for their organisation. It’s gratifying to have these aims independently endorsed, especially by as prestigious body as the CIPD.”

About CIPD

CIPD is the professional body for experts in people at work. With hubs in the UK, Ireland, the Middle East and Asia, CIPD is the career partner of choice for 150,000 members around the world. It’s the only body in the world that can award Chartered status to individual HR and L&D professionals, and its independent research and insights make the CIPD trusted advisers to governments and employers.

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