Published: February 9, 2017

Epignosis eLearning Solutions Introduces The TalentLMS Cheat Sheet Series

Epignosis, the leading eLearning solutions provider, is proud to announce the release of The TalentLMS Cheat Sheet Series, a collection of useful, reference-level supportive materials for eLearning novices and experts alike.

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Epignosis eLearning Solutions Introduces The TalentLMS Cheat Sheet Series

Epignosis eLearning Solutions is proud to announce the release of our new TalentLMS resource, the Cheat Sheets Series. Designed to provide an overview of all different areas of eLearning, TalentLMS’ Cheat Sheets can assist eLearning professionals in making the most of their portal and familiarize them with great techniques. Reading through hundreds of articles and opening new tabs for even more research can now be activities of the past.

For helpful snippets of information and relevant tips, TalentLMS’ Cheat Sheet Series is sure to raise your understanding about eLearning and give you a deeper insight into the industry:

Understanding Acronyms

The 20 eLearning Acronyms you need Cheat Sheet will give you a good overview, as well as the specifics, of the most commonly used, and often misunderstood, acronyms related to eLearning.

Make your portal stand out

Whether you are experienced in eLearning design or just want to spruce up your portal and make it your own, you should check out CSS Hacks: Supercharge your portal. Harness the power of CSS to customize the way your LMS looks and works, one step at a time.

Make your content exciting!

Content is the undisputed King, in most every respect; and eLearning is no different. To supercharge your courses with rich media, without needing a design degree or a 10-figure budget, Content Tools and Resources for your eLearning portal is the reference to use. This Cheat Sheet is full of great tools for every skill-level, from novice to expert.

About Epignosis eLearning Solutions

Epignosis is a leading technology vendor specializing in eLearning solutions. With a strong and proven portfolio of products, it caters to the learning needs of modern organizations, no matter their size or complexity. Its product portfolio includes eFrontPro, an enterprise LMS geared towards large businesses with high user volumes and advanced customization and security requirements, TalentLMS, a cloud-based versatile LMS that serves as a powerful yet simple solution for businesses and TalentCards, a mobile learning app that delivers bite-sized training in the form of learning cards built to cover the training needs of any business.

Epignosis' products are trusted and loved by hundreds of companies and organizations around the world, from SMEs to large multinational companies and government organizations.