Published: March 16, 2017

Epignosis Introduces Android With SCORM Online And Offline Support

Leading eLearning solutions provider Epignosis has just announced, in their latest update, that the eFrontPro android app will be fully SCORM compliant both online and offline for the benefit of the user’s experience.

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Epignosis New Update Supports The SCORM eLearning Industry Standards

Leading eLearning Solutions provider Epignosis has released an updated version has released an updated version of the android mobile application for its Learning and Talent Development platform eFrontPro with several new features, enhancements and workflow improvements.

The headline feature of the new update is its support for the SCORM eLearning industry standards, in mobile and offline use.

SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is an eLearning standard that governs the way that content  created in any software can communicate with an LMS or a Talent Development System, in order to register user progress, training status, quiz answers etc. SCORM 1.2, supported by eFrontPro, is the most popular version of the standard.

The new version of eFrontPro for Android allows users to load, process and view SCORM units, and sync their learning progress with the parent eFrontPro Talent Development portal.

While SCORM API compatibility is new for the Android application, native support for the standard (as well as for its successor, Tin-Can/xAPI) has long been offered by the eFrontPro platform for web-based eFrontPro use (on both desktop and mobile).

Two other major features implemented in the new release are support for offline images, which allows the user to download images related to some or all training units to their device for offline viewing, and support for Russian as an interface language.

The update, which also brings a number of smaller workflow improvements, feature enhancements, and user interface polish, is available in the Google Play store as a free download. Note that a personal eFrontPro account is required to use the application.

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