Published: April 21, 2016

Epignosis LLC Released The New eFrontPro 4.4 Update

Epignosis LLC is proud to announce the immediate availability of the new eFrontPro 4.4 update.

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San Francisco, April 21st, 2016 - Epignosis LLC Released The New eFrontPro 4.4 Update

Epignosis LLC announced the immediate availability of eFrontPro 4.4, the latest update release for its popular corporate Learning and Talent Development Platform.

Taking the lead from eFrontPro 4.3, which introduced the Site Builder and a revamped Gamification Engine, and as is usual with eFrontPro updates, the new point update is not merely a minor bug-fix release, but introduces several major new features.

These include the addition of the H5P content creation toolset, learning history, content versioning, 2 factor authentication, xAPI (TinCan) 1.0 support, self-assessment tests, further Branch customization options, and plugins offering enhanced bookmark management and batch import capabilities.

The flagship features for this release are:

  • H5P content creation toolset
    H5P is a collection of libraries and tools for creating rich HTML5 content. Using H5P, eFrontPro instructors can add rich interactive content (including videos, presentations, games and more) to their courses.
  • Learning history
    eFrontPro 4.4 allows administrators to view the complete training history of a user and even revert them to a previous learning history state.
  • Batch Importer
    The new Batch Importer plugin provides a quick way of automatically building your course and lesson structure from already existing SCORM content.
  • 2 factor authentication
    eFrontPro 4.4 introduces several 2-factor authentication options for increased security, including SMS tokens, Google Authenticator and email.
  • New Talent Development focus
    Starting with this new release, eFrontPro will focus on its talent development features, aiming to be the best platform available, without of course losing any of its existing and popular eLearning management capabilities.

Further updates will expand both the talent development and eLearning features, but with increased emphasis on improved enterprise talent development workflows going forward.

eFrontPro version 4.4 is available for immediate download / upgrade.

About Epignosis LLC.

Epignosis is a leading technology vendor specializing in eLearning solutions. With a strong and proven portfolio of products, it caters to the learning needs of modern organizations, no matter their size or complexity. Its product portfolio includes eFrontPro, an enterprise LMS geared towards large businesses with high user volumes and advanced customization and security requirements, TalentLMS, a cloud-based versatile LMS that serves as a powerful yet simple solution for businesses and TalentCards, a mobile learning app that delivers bite-sized training in the form of learning cards built to cover the training needs of any business.

Epignosis' products are trusted and loved by hundreds of companies and organizations around the world, from SMEs to large multinational companies and government organizations.