Published: February 5, 2018

Essay Contest Organized on the occasion of Plagiarism Prevention Day

We offer you a marvelous opportunity to come out of the shadow and reveal your writing talent organized to Plagiarism Prevention Day in mid-February!


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The Importance Of Plagiarism Prevention Day

Clearly, plagiarism is the killer of integrity. It irreversibly damages the quality of the content and the reputation of the author. So what can be done about it?

Plagiarism Prevention Day, celebrated in the mid-February, should be one of the most important dates on the academic calendar for all students, professors, and academia overall.

Unfortunately, plagiarism today is one the greatest threats to authenticity, authorship, and integrity, since it has become a commonplace reality for every university and K12 school.

Therefore, professors are no longer surprised by the amount of plagiarized content in students’ papers. On the other hand, they are looking for ways to prevent plagiarism in the classroom and set up additional software in order to make plagiarism check automated.

There are two ways to tackle the problem of plagiarism: educating students about academic integrity and setting specialized plagiarism detection services.

How To Contribute?

One of the ways to raise awareness regarding the plagiarism issue and its prevention is to celebrate Plagiarism Prevention Day on February 19th. Therefore, one of the proposed ways is to support the initiative of PlagiarismSearch by promoting and participating in the Essay Contest.

It is an effective method to motivate the academic community to think about such a topic as integrity. It would be a great chance for students to reveal their writing talent, and at the same time get published online.

Moreover, by cooperating with universities and educational portals, it will be possible to raise plagiarism awareness and create a prevention brochure including the three best-written essays.

Therefore, the main goal of the essay contest is to collect thoughts and ideas of students regarding the topic “Why Plagiarism Will Never Work Out at the End of the Day”, and consequently create the dissemination campaign on educational resources and social media.


Deadline for participants: Feb.10

Essay topic: Why Plagiarism Will Never Work Out At the End of the Day


  • The winner gets Yearly VIP account
  • II place gets Yearly Standard
  • III place gets Monthly Standard

About Plagiarism Detection Software

PlagiarismSearch is one of the plagiarism checkers available online. The creation of the company dates back to 2008 and over the ten years of experience in the field, the detection mechanism has been improved and updated a number of times.

At the moment, the multi-layer technology allows detecting even the slightest similarities of a semantically meaningful part of the text. Besides, more than 150 languages are used in the program. This way you can be assured that your content is original and authentic, and, as their motto says, “be proud to be authentic”.

PlagiarismSearch’s Mission And Core Values

PlagiarismSearch is not just a commercial organization seeking customers that would buy their services. It also seeks to embody their mission regarding making the world more educated about plagiarism.

Moreover, their core values have high correspondence with many educational portals and universities.

Core Values:

  • Empowering to be authentic
  • Making a difference
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork

Overall, we would love to hear what you have to say about this issue!

Share the news regarding the Essay Contest and participate yourself to make this world a little more educated regarding plagiarism!