Published: June 25, 2018

Ethan Edwards Keynote And One On One Sessions At Allen Experience

Allen Interactions announced Ethan Edwards as the keynote speaker for the October 8 Allen Experience in Chicago. In addition, 30-minute one on one coffee sessions for attendees to meet with industry-leading presenters were also revealed today.

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One On One Meetings With Industry-Leading Presenters At Allen Experience

St. Paul MN, June 22, 2018Allen Interactions announced today Ethan Edwards as the keynote speaker for the Allen Experience. Edwards will also join industry leading speakers Dr. Michael Allen, Anita Greenland of The Brooks Group, Dan Lovely formerly of AIG, Mike Hruska of Problem Solutions, and many more in leading one on one coffee meetings with Allen Experience attendees.

Edwards has long been a pillar of the eLearning industry. Known for his jovial, relatable presentation style and innovative Instructional Design work, he is widely considered to be one of the most sought-after eLearning speakers in the nation. Edwards is also a popular facilitator of eLearning and Advanced eLearning certification courses through the Association for Talent Development (

The Allen Experience is in its fifth year with 2018’s event promising even more interactivity and industry-leading content. With the inclusion of one on one coffee meetings with presenters and industry leaders, the event is fulfilling the requests of previous year attendees for more face to face time. Though limited in number, the coffee sessions will allow for exploration and discussion of challenges, ideas, and innovation. Co-located with Training Magazine’s Online Learning Conference, the conference will be held in Chicago on June 8 at the McCormick Place Convention Center.

For more information about the Allen Experience please visit the conference’s website. To learn more about Allen Interactions, visit our website or contact Hilary Simonson

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