Published: March 14, 2017

Brandon Hall Group Names ExpertusONE A Best LMS For External Training

The modern, multi-audience LMS platform continues to receive accolades for both its workforce and extended enterprise learning design.


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ExpertusONE A Best LMS For External Training At Brandon Hall Group's HCM Excellence Awards Program

Santa Clara, CA – Feb. 21, 2017Expertus announced today that it won a prestigious Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology award in the “Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training” category. Already recognized in 2016 for its video and workforce learning innovations, Expertus’ ExpertusONE LMS is now honored for its advanced extended enterprise capabilities.

“Global corporations waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on extended enterprise training that hardly gets seen or used,” Ramesh Ramani, Expertus’ CEO, said. “It’s not that customers, partners, retail outlets, etc. don’t want to take training. Rather, it’s often too hard, inconvenient or time-consuming to find. We solved this problem by developing a solutions suite that actually drives training to external learners and even embeds it within their daily workflow.”

Key components of ExpertusONE’s award-winning extended enterprise suite include:

  • Dynamic Shareable Links—puts profile-based content search links where they’re easy for external learners to find (such as in software applications, websites, pdfs, etc.) for meaningful, “one click and learn” training
  • Embeddable Widgets—places the training catalog where external learners spend the most time, including websites, social media forums, emails, SharePoint and more; drives learning engagement
  • Salesforce Integration—brings full LMS access, content and training to salespeople in their preferred working environment, the Salesforce UI
  • Mobile App—offers distributed workers or learners in the field convenient, on-the-go training access via native apps with offline sync
  • Commerce—robust eCommerce system with broad reporting, tax and currency support gives the same experience as top websites/shopping carts for increased external training revenue and product adoption

“ExpertusONE makes it incredibly easy for all internal, external and distributed audiences to find and consume training,” Ramani continued. “This leads to higher learning adoption and engagement, which drives overall satisfaction and retention and creates more training revenue and product/service sales. Not a bad end game!”

Mike Cooke, Brandon Hall Group’s CEO, agreed saying, “Our research finds the importance of optimizing the (learner’s) experience as a driver of engagement and retention. The technology user experience plays an increasingly large role in shaping the (learner’s) experience, and (our) award winners are creating leading practices that deserve validation and recognition.”

Rachel Cooke, Brandon Hall Group’s COO and head of the awards program, also thanked Expertus for “leading the way in designing and utilizing technologies that empower organizations to enhance—and in some cases transform—their organizations.”

To learn more about Expertus or ExpertusONE, please call 877-827-8160 or email [email protected].

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Expertus delivers new, cloud LMS technology for the future of learning. Based in Silicon Valley, Expertus serves global organizations from offices in the US, Europe, and Asia, and provides a fully featured LMS on the desktop and on mobile. The flagship product, ExpertusONE, is the most powerful and intuitive LMS for training any audience in your ecosystem. The enterprise-class system engages and empowers learners and admins, enhances learning effectiveness and enables distributed learning at scale. Optimized for learning, the ExpertusONE LMS is built on a modern, cloud architecture for continued innovation. Train multiple audiences with the benefits of advanced gamification, mobile, social collaboration and data for reporting and decision-making, along with the open API library to extend learning with Salesforce and other systems.

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