Published: January 12, 2018

Carpetright's Journey Into Next Generation Unified Learning & Comms

Next gen learning solutions provider Fuse Universal unveils the transformational journey of UK High Street Retailer, Carpetright, in their project to deliver unified comms and learning to their business.

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Fuse Universal Unveils Carpetright's Transformational Journey

Carpetright have taken transformational steps in ensuring that learning strategies are modernised for their workforce. Fuse Universal CEO, Steve Dineen, highlights the importance of defining the role learning plays when developing a next-gen experience for colleagues.

Dineen states, “When we began working with Carpetright 18 months ago it was evident that their success story would be driven by the unification of their learning and comms strategies. What we have seen as a result is quite remarkable both in terms of daily learning habits and employee engagement results. Carpetright is not your typical tech firm so to see the unprecedented levels of engagement, and business performance is a statement to the industry that paves the way for other traditional retailers and organisations looking to move their business forward.”

Lyn Warren, HR Director at Carpetright, added, “What we know from hard data is that the colleagues that connect the most with Fuse and really engage with the content, perform much better than their peer group. The difference is a double-digit difference. They learn about the products that we are selling, the services that we offer and how best to serve our customers and they perform much better - adding real value to our business.”

About Carpetright

Carpetright is proud to be a leading floor coverings and beds provider. Since the foundation in 1988 they have grown, both organically and through acquisition, into an international retailer, operating in four European territories; the UK, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland and Belgium. Carpetright trade from 434 stores and concessions in the UK as well as 137 stores across Holland, Belgium and the Republic of Ireland. The Group listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1993.

About Fuse Universal

Fuse Universal is regarded by leading analysts as a core leader in next-gen learning services. They partner with over 100 global organisations including Spotify, EY, Vodafone, IHG, AstraZeneca and Adidas to revolutionise learning experiences.

What makes Fuse unique? In a word, “engagement”. Their customer's experience, on average, 50 times more engagement than any existing learning management system. For organisations not looking to replace their existing LMS fully, Fuse can run in parallel or in front of a current platform. This methodology adds a whole host of new functionality including an advanced user interface, mobile, video & social learning, and a rich content management system. Their team of experts helps guide and reskill L&D personnel to ensure that the transition from traditional to next-gen learning is a seamless experience. And the greatest benefit seen by Fuse clients is flexibility. The complete freedom to design a unique measurable learning experience where analytics are used to prove the value of L&D by depicting the correlation between learner engagement and business performance.