Published: May 3, 2017

G-Cube In Top 12 TrainingIndustry’s Outsourcing Companies Watchlist

G-Cube Named Among Top 12 in Training Industry’s Outsourcing Companies Watchlist 2017. The Watch List recognizes twelve companies from across the globe that provide outsourced learning services.



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Training Industry’s Watchlist 2017: G-Cube In Top 12 Outsourcing Companies

G-Cube has been included in TrainingIndustry’s prestigious Outsourcing Companies watch list 2017.  The Watch List recognizes twelve companies from across the globe that provide outsourced learning services.

For the prestigious award, every company that participates undergoes extensive research, including thorough analysis of their capabilities, experience, and expertise. The end result is a list that acknowledges companies poised to capture share in the training outsourcing marketplace.

To select this year's winners, the Watch List was based on multiple criteria, including:

  • Innovative service offerings
  • Ability to provide services on a global basis
  • Unique and proven approach to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions
  • Profile of clients

“The  2017 Training Outsourcing Watch List represent a solid group of organizations that are prepared to support your company’s training endeavors,” said Doug Harward, CEO, Training Industry, Inc. “The Watch List companies demonstrate the ability to develop and deliver focused learning solutions and programs.”

Manish Gupta, CEO, G-Cube said, “G-Cube’s greatest strength in the area of outsourcing is that it has diligent processes in place and vast experience across multiple industries. This helps us ensure quality in the face of restrictive budgets, large volumes and strict timelines. Our inclusion in the prestigious watch list is a proud moment for us and it inspires us to continue making diligent efforts in the area of e-learning outsourcing.”

About us

G-Cube Solutions is a leading CMMi Level 3 e-Learning products and services company – with a global delivery and support footprint. Over the last decade, G-Cube has helped hundreds of customers worldwide and across diverse domains. G-Cube has the right mix of experience and expertise to provide tailor-made and company-specific solutions – rather than industry-specific solutions. The solutions are also flexible to meet the evolving needs of customers.

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