Published: July 3, 2017

GamEffective Launches Video-Based Narrative

GamEffective releases world’s first platform featuring video-based game narratives, infused with learning items. The platform lets employees sense their progression in a fun way and is especially useful for onboarding and courses.


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GamEffective Launches The "Escape Room", The First Video-Based Gamified eLearning Quest Narrative

In this narrative, an employee goes to a regular workday and finds out that all his colleagues suddenly disappear. In order to find them, he has to collect clues which reveal details about their sudden take off. This elearning quest narrative has 20 chapters of “escape room”, each chapter containing 2-3 learning missions. It is perfectly suitable for in-class learning and for on-the-job training, and it is offered alongside GamEffective’s rich gamification platform which contains leaderboards, badges, challenges and more.

“I believe this is the first video-based game narrative to be launched in the enterprise gamification and learning market and I’m incredibly proud of our team” says Gal Rimon, GamEffective’s Founder and CEO. “We’ve emphasized the simple administration of the game, so that L&D professionals can deliver a high product value, while enjoying the benefits and quick time to launch of a platform, opposite to custom game development”.

Watch a trailer of the narrative here.

GamEffective intends to add different video-narratives to the platform soon!

For a demo of this new feature, click here.

About GamEffective

GamEffective supercharges employee performance and learning using digital motivation, gamification and real time feedback.

GamEffective is a leading workforce performance management company, helping companies engage employees to improve performance, motivation and learning. GamEffective supercharges performance and learning through personalized gamification and real-time feedback. The GamEffective platform can easily integrate with existing enterprise applications, providing a deep and effective gamification solution that significantly improves performance and is easily integrated into existing systems. GamEffective's innovative gamification workforce performance platform is used by leading multinationals.

Since its establishment in 2012, GameEffective has changed the way companies motivate their employees and the way managers align their teams with company goals. GamEffective’s solution significantly improves performance of sales teams, employees in call centers, learning, onboarding, and more. To top it all off, it is easily integrated into existing systems.