Published: March 20, 2017

gomo’s Managing Director Wins 2017 Learning! Champion Award For Innovation

Mike Alcock, gomo’s Managing Director, has won a 2017 Learning! Champion Award for innovation.

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Mike Alcock Wins In The 2nd Annual Learning! Champion Award Hosted By Elearning! Magazine

The award honors individuals for exceptional contributions to the learning industry. Elearning! magazine named 28 professionals across six categories for 2017. The winners in the innovation category are defined as “technologists and problem solvers who often bring these solutions to market for others to share”.

This is the second annual Learning! Champion Award, hosted by Elearning! Media Group. The award recognizes individuals for exceptional contributions to the industry. Nominees can be innovators, thought-leaders, trail-blazers, mentors, cutting-edge technologists, rookie of the year, creative consultants, or high performing learning leaders that positively impact the learning industry.

Mike's award was given following his success in inventing new and innovative software solutions, as well as building and running two global authoring tool companies and changing the landscape of the eLearning industry.

Alcock has now launched two popular award-winning eLearning authoring tools: Atlantic Link in 2003 and gomo learning in 2014. His work with these two tools has resulted in over 30 awards won, including multiple “Best of Elearning!” and Brandon Hall Gold awards, leading both companies to global recognition.

At gomo, Alcock took an existing HTML5-based framework and commercialized it to create the next generation of Cloud-based authoring tools. gomo was one of the world’s first responsive HTML5 authoring tools and still maintains product and innovation leadership in the authoring tools space.

Alcock and his team continue to lead the way with their collaborative, Cloud-based solutions. gomo now offers integrated hosting, xAPI analytics and a native app capability, taking it from a pure authoring tool to a complete learning suite. These new product’s sales are now growing by more than 60% in the last 12 months alone.

“It’s a huge honour to be recognized like this by such a prestigious publication as Elearning! Magazine. Whilst it’s great to win this on a personal level, it’s a huge testament to the hard work of the whole gomo team. Without them, none of this would be possible. We look forward to delivering even more innovation and to many more global awards for gomo in the future”.