Published: November 13, 2017

Infopro Learning Announced A Learning BPS Leader By NelsonHall

As a part of their NEAT vendor evaluation, NelsonHall has identified Infopro Learning as a leader in the Learning Business Process Sourcing market in two market segments: Compliance Focus and Revenue & Competency Focus

Infopro Learning

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2017 NelsonHall Neat Leader: Infopro Learning

“Improving employee performance has been central to the design of our managed learning services program. Successful client partnerships are not just driven by a cost play. We are holding ourselves accountable for outcomes and that is the primary reason I feel we have been ranked as a leader by NelsonHall’s Learning BPS NEAT report.” said Sriraj Mallick, President of Infopro Learning.

This is the first time that Infopro Learning has been featured in the NEAT report for Learning BPS.

“In a short period of time, Infopro Learning has transformed its business with a focus on performance-based learning,” said Amy L. Gurchensky, senior research analyst at NelsonHall.  “In addition, its emphasis on the learner experience to create and deliver engaging training material, has resulted in a high level of satisfaction by its clients.”

NelsonHall estimates that selective learning BPS bundles account for ~35% of Infopro Learning’s existing client base, and are primarily for organizations in the U.S. with delivery focused on the U.S. However, over the next few years, NelsonHall expects Infopro Learning’s multi-country learning BPS client base to increase.

About NelsonHall’s NEAT Report

NelsonHall’s (vendor) Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) is a method by which strategic sourcing managers can evaluate outsourcing vendors and is part of NelsonHall’s Speed-to- Source initiative. The NEAT tool sits at the front-end of the vendor screening process and consists of a two-axis model: assessing vendors against their ‘ability to deliver immediate benefit’ to buy-side organizations and their ‘ability to meet client future requirements’. The latter axis is a pragmatic assessment of the vendor’s ability to take clients on an innovation journey over the lifetime of their next contract.

The vendors covered in NelsonHall NEAT projects are typically the leaders in their fields. However, within this context, the categorization of vendors within NelsonHall NEAT projects is as follows:

  • Leaders: vendors that exhibit both a high ability relative to their peers to deliver immediate benefit and a high capability relative to their peers to meet client future requirements
  • High Achievers: vendors that exhibit a high ability relative to their peers to deliver immediate benefit but have scope to enhance their ability to meet client future requirements
  • Innovators: vendors that exhibit a high capability relative to their peers to meet client future requirements but have scope to enhance their ability to deliver immediate benefit
  • Major Players: other significant vendors for this service type.

The scoring of the vendors is based on a combination of analyst assessment, principally around measurements of the ability to deliver immediate benefit; and feedback from interviewing of vendor clients, principally in support of measurements of levels of partnership and ability to meet future client requirements.

About NelsonHall

NelsonHall is the leading global BPS and ITS research & analysis firm. Founded in 1998, the company takes a global approach to analysis of vendors and outsourcing markets and is widely respected for the quality and depth of its research. NelsonHall also offers a suite of “Speed-to-Source” tools, including NEAT, that assist buy-side executives in saving time and money, while enhancing the quality of their sourcing decisions, in BPS and ITS evaluations.

About Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning’s mission is to make organizational learning a competitive advantage for our customers by delivering modern learning experiences that strengthen employee performance.

As a full-service L&D outsourcing company, we work with major corporations all over the world to solve their biggest learning, training, and performance improvement challenges.

We have developed our capabilities and expertise to achieve two key promises we make to our clients: meaningful and personalized learning experiences and measurable performance transformation.

Our learning solutions include:

  • Learning strategy, design and development of training programs
  • Employee onboarding
  • Leadership and skills development
  • Sales & customer service
  • Managed learning services (MLS)