Published: April 23, 2018

Innform: The Hospitality eLearning Software Announces July 2018 Beta Release

Innform: an eLearning tool for hospitality teams with industry-approved courses, full content & interface customization and powerful automation tools—all in one flexible package. Visit to register your free Innform beta account today.


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Innform: Hospitality eLearning Made Simple

LONDON, UK – Today, the team behind eLearning products for big players like Accor Group and Novotel, is bringing simplified hospitality training to thousands of businesses worldwide in one affordable SAAS package.

Innform, which comes with monthly ready-made hospitality courses and quizzes, joins the market as the only hospitality eLearning software to offer a complete training solution with a simple subscription model. Innform also includes a free basic tier for small teams who are brand new to eLearning.

“Like many other industries before it, digital learning is evolving. Today, eLearning products must deliver the training tools we know and love in one flexible package, and for one simple price.” – Michael Azzopardi, co-founder of Innform.

How Can Innform Help Hospitality Teams, And Why Is It Different?

Innform combines powerful automation and easy content authoring tools with flexible training features. In other words, Innform is not all about digital courses. The tool allows trainers to combine its powerful features with classroom and mentor-based training, supporting blended learning.

"A blend of learning methods is known to boost skills development in a workforce considerably but is often expensive to organize. We want to make these benefits available to all businesses, big and small. ” – Sebastian Hefel, co-founder of Innform.

Innform encourages employees to learn from one another and submit feedback to their trainers, allowing companies to improve training efficacy. The eLearning software can also do rapid translations to facilitate global training. It’s an out-of-the-box feature that can radically speed up the training process.

In learning, timing is key. Innform’s Learning Path feature allows managers to deliver a curriculum of courses and quizzes over a defined timeline, allowing for a paced and positive learning experience. By using instant reporting, trainers can then measure progress and track results, or add more courses to their team’s learning paths at any point.

Innform also addresses the age-old eLearning challenge: internal product uptake. By combining feedback tools with real-time reporting, companies can adapt content and its delivery to evolving workforce requirements.

A Seamless Integration

The team behind Innform understands that powerful tools and customizations can only take a company so far—the keystone feature of any cross-platform solution is seamless and meaningful integration with other tools. Innform can connect with major platforms like Office 356, Dropbox and Slack.

This means managers and employees alike can sign in using their existing platforms, avoiding additional IT overheads and leveraging the power of their favourite software. These integrations provide managers with several benefits, including:

1. Logging in via Office 356, Yammer or Linkedin
2. Import videos, images and other files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive
3. Learn more about your workforce using slackbot polls in Slack

Innform is a cloud solution and works on all devices and operating systems.

Simple, Predictive Pricing

Innform pricing plans are as follows:

Inform Basic:
Free forever and ideal for small teams

Innform Starter:
Includes monthly hospitality courses, automated inductions, and unlimited storage

Innform Plus:
Everything in Innform Starter plus rapid translations, classroom and mentor training, meaningful integrations

Customers can try Innform Starter and Innform Plus with a free 30-day trial.

Visit for more details.

About Innform Beta

The hospitality eLearning software launches in 2018, with a free early access beta version of Innform Starter available to a limited number of companies starting June 2018.

Following the beta phase, Innform beta users will receive a 1-month free Innform Starter trial account.

Sign up for free early beta access here.

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