Published: April 3, 2019

Innform: New Hospitality Training Tool Can Free You From Management Hell

Once upon a time, two entrepreneurs witnessed a major problem: as hospitality companies grew, they struggled to keep up with staff training. An effective and affordable hospitality training tool became desperately needed.


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Innform, The New All-On-One Hospitality Training Tool Is Now Available

It’s a simple idea: A hospitality training solution that offers all the powerful tools of a top of the range Learning Management System, for a price that companies of any size can afford. But don’t just stop at the tool, make it readily available with truly effective, multilingual training videos. This way, managers of hospitality businesses can start training their staff immediately.

“We’re beginning to solve a manager’s worst nightmare… Training a big group of diverse staff, in a short period of time. The challenges of the hospitality industry are quite unique, in that all employees are required to develop a range of soft and hard skills within weeks of joining a new company, and managers are the ones expected to deliver this training, on time and budget – but faced with seasonality challenges, this rarely goes to plan. And what’s at cost? Brand reputation – you can’t easily win back a disappointed customer.” Michael Azzopardi, Innform co-founder and CEO.

Michael continues, "Innform is founded on the belief that technology and transformative learning experiences create hospitality teams based on knowledge and empowerment; more empowered employees are more productive employees. And we’re only scratching the surface of what we can accomplish together.”

The first step? A fair and flexible price

The co-founders of Innform understood that the high price tag of traditional training programs and much of the eLearning services out there today, is a major barrier to many small and medium sized companies. A one-day seminar can cost a small company an average of £2000, not to mention refreshments, reading material and the biggest cost of them all: operational disruption.

Are employees retaining all that knowledge? Can they refer back to it? Is a long, expensive training format still effective with a new generation of staff?

“Today, the industry is moving on and embracing mobile learning tools. They’re simply a better option, and modern learners expect them to be in place. So we’re offering a solution: An all-in-one product for a price that any business can afford.” Sebastian Hefel, Innform co-founder and CTO explains, “and we’re only getting started. The industry needs a new, more rewarding way to train people.”

The co-founder explained that Innform customers have complete control over their monthly bill. They can onboard or remove learners at any time, which are charged at £2 per month for all the essentials.

Sebastian Hefel explains “an admin can freeze, archive or remove learners entirely with one single click, at any time. There are no restrictions or commitments. This means customers will never have to pay any more above what they actually need in a given month. We do not feel it is fair to lock people down for months on end, for services they might not require in slower periods.”

The co-founders designed Innform with the hospitality industry in mind: Seasonality being the primary factor.

“Innform admins can unfreeze learner’s accounts months or years later. This is especially useful for seasonal staff who return to the company in busy periods, like the summertime.” Sebastian continues.

With just £2 per person monthly, Innform customers will have access to everything eLearning under the sun: Readymade video training, CPD certified compliance certification, automated inductions, a fully-equipped authoring tool, detailed reporting and more.

And here’s the great news: It’s all available on mobile, for both admins and learners.

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For customers who would like to try the hospitality training platform, Innform offers a free tier that supports unlimited learners.