Published: March 26, 2020

Innform Lowers Prices, Adds Features For Companies Affected By COVID-19

London, UK March 18—In light of current circumstances, Innform is taking steps to support the industry, its businesses and their staff members throughout the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Innform LMS

Michael Azzopardi

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Innform Supports Companies Impacted By COVID-19

"Since Innform LMS began helping companies with online training, we felt right at home amongst industries that have for many years cultivated inspiring businesses and teams. These companies are now under threat." Innform CEO, Michael Azzopardi, said.

Today, Innform announced its COVID-19 support plan to help companies that are being impacted by the current challenge.

Price Reduction

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has renewed the need for companies across the globe to set up LMSs and eLearning solutions for their staff members, and take their training, instruction and messaging online to avoid the human-to-human transmission of the virus. Innform has taken the step to reduce its prices for the Essential and Pro plans by 50%. The eLearning company made its Skills Course Library free to access and use, for all learners and admins making use of the platform. This will remain in place for the coming 6 months. Companies who wish to make use of this support can get in touch with Innform by phone, email or chat.

Businesses impacted by the crisis are eligible for the reduction in price and the free-access of the Skills Course Library.

What Is The Skills Course Library?

The Skills Course Library is a bundle of 100+ short video courses that focus on customer service, management, marketing and more. Innform aims to alleviate some of the sudden pressure placed on managers and trainers by providing them with readymade courses, assignable to staff who now largely work from home.

"Today we feel compelled to do our part in helping our partners in these challenging times. Needless to say, that as the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, tremendous strain has been placed on our customers, the industry and beyond." Innform CTO, Sebastian Hefel, said.

New Features

Innform has fast-tracked its new and improved Training Manuals feature and released this into the LMS platform today. Customers can now create training manuals and share them with their employees via their mobile devices, as they would other eLearning material created or uploaded into Innform.

The LMS company has also released a new Announcement feature, designed to help managers deliver important minute-by-minute updates to staff members during important events or crises. The announcements, which can be delivered in multiple languages, can include images, videos, file attachments and more.

Innform LMS automates online training for modern teams. It empowers managers to train and develop all their employees from one place—particularly at moments when this becomes imperative.