Published: August 16, 2016

Intellum Announces First "Open Asset" LMS

Our clients can now add (and track) any file, any link (think TedTalk) or any asset in their learning environments without the need for the xAPI or a separate Learning Record Store.


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Intellum Announces The New Version Of The Exceed LMS

ATLANTA, GA – August 16th, 2016 – Intellum, a technology company that builds employee learning, collaboration and performance tracking tools for the modern workplace, announced today the availability of a significant update to the Exceed Learning Management System (Exceed LMS). The new release allows learning professionals to leverage (and track) any type of file or asset, including things curated from the Internet, to quickly and easily create or supplement learning activities.

As the first "Open Asset" Learning Management System on the market, Intellum’s Exceed LMS eliminates the need to strictly adhere to course authoring or file output specifications (like xAPI) or invest in additional, complicated infrastructure like a Learning Record Store. Learning professionals can now mix and match a wide variety of file types including documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDF files, traditional e-learning assets like SCORM or AICC-compliant courseware, and non-traditional resources like links to YouTube videos, TEDTalks or blog posts. The result is a more modern enterprise learning experience that mimics the way users learn in their private lives.

"We know that employees are responding to smaller, bite-size learning initiatives. We also know that a more consumer-like work experience is the key to improved employee engagement. Yet the learning industry continues to promote restrictive courseware standards and systems that impede the learning professional’s ability to freely curate content from the greatest content library in the world - the Internet - and quickly get it in front of their employees. That’s a problem we have solved," said Chip Ramsey, Chief Executive Officer of Intellum.

"Companies are moving beyond SCORM and AICC. They are experimenting with non-traditional learning assets and timely, relevant content. The xAPI, also known as the Experience API, has been positioned as the new standard for tracking this content evolution for some time. In reality, the xAPI is just the successor to SCORM. It adds layers of unnecessary complexity and cost, not the least of which is the required Learning Record Store, an additional database that must be managed and maintained alongside the LMS. This is not true progress. The new version of the Exceed LMS is the first "Open Asset" solution designed to support rapid content creation and the development of microlearning initiatives directly from within the Learning Management System."

The Exceed LMS now auto-detects, labels, and optimally displays the type of content being added. This includes auto-generated previews of linked content, auto-detected and correctly labeled file types like "PDF" or "spreadsheet," and videos that are viewed inline, not from a new window or external site. All of these assets can be tracked and fully reported on through the Exceed LMS.

The system includes more than 70 off-the-shelf, fully-customizable reports and a built-in report writer that allows clients to query the entire database without restrictions. Clients can dig down to individual question-level and respondent detail. Reports can be saved, exported in a wide range of formats, scheduled to run and automatically disseminated. Admin users can build assessments and surveys directly in the tool and on-the-fly as part of the rapid content creation process.

The new version of the Exceed LMS also combines positive gamification elements like badging with the proven e-learning impact of certifications in a new achievement category called Microdegrees. Any learning initiative can now be designated as a Microdegree. Clients can create customized Microdegree badges, which learners can collect on their profiles and share on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

"Utilizing gaming elements to develop and reinforce successful employee habits is a solid learning strategy. But after talking extensively with our clients and their employees, it is clear that gamification for gamification’s sake is a mistake. You run the risk of diminishing the value of the learning experience," said Ramsey.

"Certifications, on the other hand, come up repeatedly in these conversations as meaningful achievements. Microdegrees offer learners a more modern way to demonstrate and share their mastery of a topic. This is the kind of positive learning experience within an LMS that is helping our clients improve employee engagement."

About Intellum

Intellum is an Atlanta-based technology company that provides employee learning, collaboration and performance tracking tools for the modern workplace. These products include the cloud-based Exceed Learning Management System; Tribe Social, a private group collaboration tool that allows employees to securely share ideas, files, links, photos and video without the distractions of typical enterprise social experiences; and Level, a new approach to performance tracking that focuses on building successful employee habits through gamification. The tools work seamlessly together to provide a new approach to enterprise learning, which hundreds of companies depend on everyday to deliver better employee experiences.