Published: April 25, 2018

iSpring Suite 9: Fast Toolkit For Creating eLearning Slides, Quizzes, And Videos

iSpring Suite 9 introduces the new video studio to help eLearning developers produce a comprehensive set of video-based learning materials. The new version adds twice as many eLearning scenarios keeping content authoring process streamlined and easy.

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New iSpring eLearning Suite Boosted To Create Groundbreaking Video Courses

Alexandria, VA — April 24, 2018 — iSpring Solutions, Inc., a global leader in eLearning software and services, today unveiled the brand new iSpring Suite 9. It introduces 75 new options and 6 video formats for creating advanced eLearning content.

“The common drawback of advanced tools is that they become too complicated and lose ease of use. To prevent this, we’ve completely redesigned quiz, video, and interaction editors”, says Slava Uskov, VP of Product Development at iSpring. “The power of version 9 is that it helps you implement twice as many eLearning scenarios, while the authoring process has become easier”.

iSpring Suite 9 is an end-to-end solution for eLearning authoring which helps educators quickly create content for any learning objective. With iSpring Suite 9, content developers can build interactive courses, video lectures, assessments, software tutorials, and simulations to practice soft skills or sales techniques. Overall, authors can benefit from 24 formats to present learning material and 15 ways to test knowledge.

Video courses. The new video studio helps eLearning developers produce a comprehensive set of video-based learning materials: video lectures, screencasts, software tutorials, “watch-and-repeat” courses, and more. Educators can effectively use them to train business and practical skills or teach how to use an application, a corporate portal, or a website.

Interactions. With iSpring Suite 9, you can create interactive simulations, catalogs, and charts in minutes. The toolkit includes 12 beautifully designed interaction templates which let you easily visualize a transaction cycle or new device interface, or create a virtual office tour.

Skill practice. Your learners can continuously perfect their practical skills with drag-and-drop activities. These assessments simulate a real-life environment where users are prompted to place goods on shelves, pick up necessary spare parts and tools, or group pharmaceuticals by category.

Assessments. The already powerful quiz maker has been boosted with a new robust assessment editor. It speeds up the creation of tests and surveys with a tailored look and feel. Plus, it features a new built-in equation editor, extended feedback options, and 7 new survey question templates.

Pricing and Availability

You can test drive and evaluate the new capabilities of iSpring Suite 9 with a fully functional trial. Download it for free at the iSpring website.

The price of iSpring Suite is $770. Existing customers can upgrade with a discount.

iSpring offers special prices for academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies and employees. You can find the pricing at the iSpring website.

About iSpring Solutions, Inc.

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