Published: September 14, 2016

ITycom Releases The New Version Of Its Serious Game Authoring Tool!

From the rewriting of the entire software to the HTML5 export, ITyStudio has outstanding features to announce for this back-to-school season of 2016.


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ITycom Releases Brand New Version Of ITyStudio

ITycom is proud to announce its brand new release of its Serious Game Authoring Tool ITyStudio, on September, 14th, 2016. With complete optimization, user interface update, tons of new features, such as the HTML5 export, or even the brand new editing mode for dialogues between characters, this new opus propose an even better user experience and comfort, while addressing the increasing need for mobility for its users. ITyStudio new release is available on ITyStudio website.

Modules can be seen on tablets with the new HTML5 export format.

The possibility to export modules at the HTML5 format is one of the most important features of this release. Learners can now visualize their simulations from their tablets, for mobile use. Besides, the HTML5 format ensures a better compatibility for the modules with every browser.

Modules up to 3 times lighter.

With this new version, modules’ export has been optimized as well, allowing a final weight up to 3 times lighter than it used to be, saving space and money for content delivery.

A full optimization of the ITyStudio software.

The technical rewriting of the Serious Game authoring tool has been completely revised by specialists of the ITycom team, for a faster and more fluid solution: this new ITyStudio is 60 times faster versus the previous one.

A brand new editing mode for dialogues between characters.

In order to propose an easier conversation scenes and animations’ management, a new system of cards has been implemented. This new system allows any user to create rich and varied dialogues and simulations.

An updated user interface.

The user interface has been entirely updated as well:

  • The clean design of the software, as well as its new icons, give more comfort in its use.
  • The current ergonomy offers more simplicity for content creation, by allowing to find the right information at the right place.
  • The ready-made content library of ITyStudio is faster as well: environments and characters’ selection is now done instantly.

What users have to say about this new version:

« Being a user of the previous version, I would like to congratulate you on the work you have done because, as a matter of fact, optimizations are outstanding, particularly the loading time during scenes’ preview. Furthermore, the new layout throughout scenes edition is awesome. »

- Vanessa APARICIO, Instructional Designer at Ivaos.

It is time to take action: test this new version of ITyStudio for free!

About ITyStudio

ITyStudio is an authoring tool for Serious Games and 2D & 3D simulations, that allows you to create your own educational multimedia content.

Thanks to its easy-to-use and intuitive interface, it is possible to create an immersive simulation within a few days. The only technical skills required are drag & drop, and right click.

Besides, its Saas format (Software As A Service) allows its users to benefit from every single update, instantly and for free.

Not to mention its compatibility with content developed on other authoring tools of the market, such as Storyline and Captivate.

About the ITycom Group

ITycom, Digital Learning solutions expert, was founded in Geneva and is based in Switzerland and France. This eLearning agency is composed of 3 brands:

IDiLe – Innovative Digital Learning: The specialist hub for the design and fulfilment of innovative and bespoke training solutions.

ITyStudio: Authoring tool for Serious Games and 2D & 3D simulations that allows you to create your own educational multimedia content.

ITyStore: Off-the-shelf modules offer, rich and various contents, ranging from eLearning basic modules to immersive Serious Games.

The group has grown strongly thanks to the quality and innovation of its solutions in national and international markets.

It is a leader in the European market and was named one of the Top 20 most innovative European e-Learning companies.

2015 winner of Deloitte in Extenso Technology Fast 50 ranking, ITycom is one of the Top 50 fastest-growing technology companies.