Published: September 17, 2020

Job Hunters Get Hired More Quickly With New App

ej4 announces the launch of their new app, Qualified by ej4, to help job hunters get hired more quickly. Now available to download to your phone from the App Store and Google Play.


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ej4 Launches Qualified: A New App For Job Hunters

In response to the rising unemployment rate, ej4 is launching a new app with training videos to help out-of-work consumers get hired more quickly. For the first time ever, ej4 is making their training videos available directly to the general public via the app Qualified by ej4.

"If you have recently been laid off and are looking for a job, you are dealing with many emotions, you may be a little shell-shocked and unsure of where to start," says Kathy Irish, Vice President of Operations. "Not only are seasoned professionals losing their jobs, but there are recent graduates out there trying to get their foot in the door. We wanted to provide content that would be helpful to anyone out there. Watching our courses will help you put together a plan."

Curated Course Bundles

Qualified by ej4 offers users direct access to powerful training courses previously only available through employers. All of the bundles include job search basics like how to write a resume, cover letter, and thank you notes. Additionally, the training content has been carefully curated for four audiences of job hunters:

  • Entry-level bundle
    Includes valuable soft skills training topics interviewers like to ask about like time management, collaboration, and business writing.
  • Managers/supervisors bundle
    Includes related topics on managerial courage, DISC training, emotional intelligence, and coaching skills.
  • Sales bundle
    Covers selling basics and the sales process with more detail on making the sales call, selling relationships, sales management, and advanced selling skills.
  • Administrative professionals bundle
    Explores administrative excellence with courses on acting as gatekeeper, filing systems, anticipating needs, and more.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

"Our short-form videos can fill the gaps in your experience with knowledge about the topics that might help you land that new job," says Ryan Eudy, CEO. "For example, a common interview question for managers may pertain to managing different personalities. Our bundle for managers includes DISC training. After watching our courses, a new manager candidate would be able to answer that interview question with confidence."

The app is free to download and features 30-second samples of over 300 videos. Full access to the training is available via in-app purchase from your phone. Qualified by ej4 is now available in the App Store and Google Play.

Why ej4?

ej4 is an industry leader and provides award-winning training to many companies large and small, including Fortune 500. Now job hunters can benefit from that same training.

  • Continue to gain new skills even while you are job hunting.
  • Add these soft skills training topics to your cover letter.
  • Rewatch the videos before an interview to continue building your confidence.

About ej4

Since 2004, ej4 has delivered the unexpected in the eLearning industry. We apply proven research on training, design and human behavior to create a complete learning solution that includes off-the-shelf training videos, an LMS with authoring tool, personalized support, and custom content services. Learn more about our complete learning solution at ej4's website.