Published: December 28, 2016

Kineo Releases Version 2 Of ManagementPlus

Kineo has released a version 2 of ManagementPlus, it’s innovative solution for developing frontline managers.


Amber Hodges

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ManagementPlus: Front-Line Leadership Training

Kineo has released a version 2 of ManagementPlus, it’s innovative solution for developing frontline managers.  Version 2 adds new features and an improve user interface to further increase engagement and help participants create and carry out intentions to develop their skills. ManagementPlus guides participants through both developing and demonstrating their ability to apply skills on the job by guiding them through structured journeys in which they prepare, learn, practice with their teams, and reflect. Throughout these journeys, they collaborate with their team members and their own managers.

Kineo has now furthered how participants collaborate with their team members as well as how they to build their own intentions to improve by introducing a new “prepare” activity in which participants share the skill they will be working on with their teams and explain how that improving that skill can improve team performance.

Kineo has also introduced a new modern interface. ManagementPlus has always been a multi-device mobile-ready solution. We have upgraded to a more modern and colorful look that makes the ManagementPlus Portal even more inviting to participants and to their managers as they work together through journeys.

Finally, the eLearning components of ManagementPlus have been broken into smaller, more manageable 10-15 minute chunks to make it easier for learners to focus on the content most relevant to their needs.

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About Kineo

Kineo literally means to set things in motion or stir things up – and that’s exactly what they aim to do when it comes to workplace learning. Kineo works with the world’s leading businesses to improve their performance by making innovative, creative learning solutions that really get results.

Kineo is part of the City & Guilds Group, a global leader in skills development.

Kineo has offices in the US, UK, South Africa, China and the Pacific; and is able to provide a full global service.

Kineo was also a founder of Totara LMS, the leading open source learning platform for corporations, as well as the original developers of Adapt Learning, the multi-device elearning framework.

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