Published: July 19, 2018

knowbly Partners With Bridge To Deliver Awesome eLearning

knowbly is proud to announce a partnership with Bridge, the world's most engaging learning and performance measurement tool.


Kathryn Stewart

[email protected]


knowbly™ + Bridge = Awesome

Corporate learning is about more than checking the box. It's about engaging employees with relevant content and tools that empower them to develop their skillset. To that end, knowbly™  is proud to announce a partnership with Bridge, the world's most engaging learning and performance measurement tool.

“It's easy to get taken in by flashy tools and technology these days. People don't always spend the time thinking about the content and how it works with the delivery system once they get past the initial bells and whistles. knowbly™ and Bridge have worked together tirelessly over the past months to ensure a synergy between the systems so that the content you create is the content you ultimately deliver to your learners”, says knowbly's VP of Product Charles Gerli.

Gerli believes that going forward, tight integrations between authoring tools and delivery systems will be important to establish up front to ensure the content you deliver is the content you created. This means eLearning authoring tools playing nice in the sandbox with delivery tools and establishing relationships beyond simply validating that the code works.

“Instructional Designers put their heart and soul into creating and developing appropriate content for their learners”, Gerli says. “It is essential that the content achieves the intended outcomes when implemented in a Learning Management System”.

Partnerships between next-gen authoring tools like knowbly and companies like Bridge, who are part of a small group of learning delivery systems redefining the eLearning space, are tantamount to creating and delivering great learning material. "We're looking forward to continuing to redefine the eLearning authoring space and being able to provide a smooth delivery of content to our customers through Bridge," says knowbly™ CEO, Kathryn Stewart.

About knowbly™

knowbly™ is a next-gen cloud-based collaborative authoring application with simple, easy to use tools for creating interactive learning and training materials. It includes asset management, a unique interactive video widget, and the ability to customize your content & themes. In addition to our tools, we offer an array of consultative services including Instructional Design, learning design content review, content development, interactive and course template creation, road mapping, workflow review and technology recommendations.

About Bridge

“Does human capital management software have to make you yawn/cringe/roll your eyes?” Instructure asked the same question and decided to create Bridge. Back up, you say, who’s Instructure? That’s us! We started out making Canvas, the #1 fastest-growing, industry-pushing Learning Management System, used from 1st grade to the Ivy League and a lot of places in between. We have 800+ employees with offices around the globe. And now, leveraging our expertise in building software that people actually want to use, we’ve created Bridge.