Published: June 6, 2018

KnowledgeCity Releases LMS Update Showcasing Its Vision For eLearning

Advanced features make Training and Development easier for managers and employees.


Melody Godsey

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KnowledgeCity Releases LMS Update To Enhance User Experience

CARLSBAD, CA. (June 6, 2018): KnowledgeCity released its latest LMS update today, showcasing some new features designed to enhance the User Experience for clients using its platform and products.

The new features include enhanced reporting capabilities, drag-and-drop learning path designs, and new courses in the optional learning library.

Training and development administrators can now choose between six different reports, or customize a report with information that matters most to their training and development program. Each report gives the admin a different view of the training, which enables admins to make smarter business decisions.

“Every business is unique and all modern business tools must adapt to the specific needs of each business,” said Sergey Izvekov, Web Division Manager. “The KnowledgeCity LMS is built with an idea of deep customization in mind. In our reports feature, you decide what statistics you need to be in your reports. It's very flexible and easy to customize.”

The LMS also provides an interactive, drag-and-drop interface tool, which gives administrators the ability to easily develop long-term learning paths or training plans for individual users or groups of users. Course lists can be simply dragged to the left or right of another list, setting up the course access to require the first list of courses to be completed before access is granted to the next list. The lists of courses and required completion order can be adjusted at any time, and the changes will immediately apply to all users.

The KnowledgeCity Learning Library

The KnowledgeCity Learning Library allows organizations to jump-start their training programs with courses that can be seamlessly integrated into the LMS. This feature allows training managers to begin training immediately, while allowing them time to develop or upload their own training content to the Learning Management System. The Learning Library has a comprehensive and growing list of courses in the categories of Business Skills, Computer Software, Safety, Compliance, and Finance.

KnowledgeCity adds new courses to their learning library every month. The most recent include:

Business Skills:

  • Code of Conduct and Ethics for Employees
  • Conquering Procrastination
  • Tips for Communicating Effectively

Project Management series:

  • Planning, Scheduling, and Contracts


  • Title VI: Agencies and Programs Receiving Federal Assistance
  • FERPA Compliance: Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
  • Reporting Child Abuse: Mandated Reporters
  • Prevent Discrimination and Embrace Diversity


  • Trade Finance: Methods of Payment

KnowledgeCity’s LMS is designed with the administrator in mind. A streamlined interface contains elegant, yet powerful tools that make setting up a training program easy. An organization can upload its own content, use content from KnowledgeCity’s Learning Library, or request custom course content that KnowledgeCity will build exclusively for them.

“KnowledgeCity has provided the City of Lancaster with excellent customer service. The staff have been prompt, diligent, and very supportive in answering questions I have had in becoming familiar with the LMS. In addition, the City of Lancaster staff have been very impressed with the training site and have shown tremendous interest and enthusiasm with using the library of training videos to expand their skills and professional knowledge base,” stated Araxie Kahramanian, Management Analyst for Environmental Health and Safety at the City of Lancaster, California.

About KnowledgeCity

KnowledgeCity has been in the eLearning industry for more than 10 years.  Its products are constantly evolving with changes in the industry and are used in markets around the world. Company leaders have a vision of the future and are already working on the next big advances in their Learning Management System.