Published: November 20, 2017

New App Helps Future-Proof People With The Superskill Of Learning

The new Learn2Learn app delivers evidence-based strategies and practical techniques to empower people to become powerful agile learners, able to adapt and thrive in our era of rapid change.

Learn2Learn App

Arun Pradhan

[email protected]

+61 425 828 573

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Learn2Learn App Helps Future-Proof People With The Superskill Of Learning

“The days of a single, predictable career are a thing of the past,” Arun Pradhan, the creator of Learn2Learn explained.

“Over the next few years, our current jobs will radically change or even disappear, often being replaced by work we haven’t yet imagined. That left me asking, how can I help people to adapt and reinvent themselves to lead change, rather than be overwhelmed by it.”

As a result, Pradhan successfully crowdfunded and build Learn2Learn, an app that delivers evidence-based strategies and practical techniques to develop real-world learning agility.

The app uses animated videos, infographics and action lists to explore topics as diverse as memory hacks, critical thinking and learning more from experience, people and investigation.

Critical Response

Learn2Learn has already received a range of positive reviews from around the world.

Charles Jennings, the co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute, said: “The interface is compelling. the navigation is simple. The structure excellent. In my view, anyone involved in improving performance and exploiting opportunities for learning in their organisations should download this app.”

Connie Malamed, author and blogger at the eLearning Coach said: “Learn2Learn is an app, a guide, a reference and a personal action plan for exploring and expanding your cognitive abilities. It doesn’t try to simplify the complexity of learning, but it clarifies and visualises it in a way that helps you understand.”

Meanwhile, Lori Niles-Hofman a Canadian based learning advisor said: “The Learn2Learn app has an elegantly simple UX with a wealth of content, tools, and activities. This is a fundamental app for anyone embarking on a new learning curve.”

Enterprise Version

Pradhan explained that the initial intention behind Learn2Learn was to provide a cost-effective resource for individuals, but growing corporate interest has led to plans for an Enterprise version.

“By April 2018, I’ll be launching a business licence option,” Pradhan said. “Companies who want to support agility, innovation and continuous improvement will be able to purchase a Learn2Learn web app licence for their people.”

Pradhan outlined a number of other plans including a ‘Learning Agility in Teams’ Guide, supporting small groups who wish to use the app over an 8-week crash course, and a range of campaign material that will help support developing a culture of continuous learning.

More Informatiosn

The Learn2Learn app is available on GooglePlay and the AppleStore. The enterprise version is being launched in April 2018.

For more information view Learn2Learn app.