Published: March 23, 2021

Learning Pool LMS - New Features And Our Biggest Investment To Date

Driven by a need to be more responsive to client needs, last July we took control of our roadmap and launched the Learning Pool LMS. Now, we're prioritizing development within the core 'learning' features of the platform whilst remaining open source.

Emma Chambers

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2021 Brings New Features And Accessibility Improvement Investments From Learning Pool LMS

Our development focus moved to Feature Requests, Reporting and Multi-tenancy. We delivered over 25 new developments requested specifically by clients as part of the 50 or so items released during the year. We also completely upgraded our client Academy in 2020 – adding new content, new functionality and a more social learning experience.

In 2021, we're adding a brand new, in-built tool for rapid content creation and publishing - Rapids. Using a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface, our clients will be able to create media-rich articles and content with video, images, quizzes, checklists and more and publish to a professional standard.

In addition to this, we have a host of new functionality in development – including an MS Teams Integration, a Social Wall format, further reporting Dashlets and the option to have full BI-tool reporting capabilities in the LMS.

Here’s a bit more information on all that we’ve delivered plus all that is to come as part of our Software-as-a-Service approach to the Open Source LMS.

Available Now In The Learning Pool LMS:


We’ve been committed to allowing multiple diverse audiences to use a single instance of our LMS for some time.

  • Enroll users Block – This is added to the course pages and allows admins with appropriate permissions to upload users from their organization only to courses.
  • Welcome Text Block – The Welcome Text block enables the delivery of a unique welcome message to users of an LMS depending on the organization they have been assigned.
  • Contact Us Block – The ‘Contact Us’ block can be added to a dashboard or course page and provides the learner with contact information for the most recent organization they were assigned to.
  • Resources Block – The Resources block can be added to a course page, and allows you to add text, links, or files, etc and will only be visible to the selected organization.
  • Organization Details Block – This allows you to add the organizational logo and contact details that will be displayed on each course page and changes based on the learner’s organization.
  • Our Theme Skins allow you to create multiple themes on the same site, and we now have Multi-Language Support for Dashlets, allowing this theme to extend to your global audience.


  • New CPD Report
  • New Program and Certification Report
  • CPD Import Functionality
  • More Flexible CPD reporting
  • xAPI Launch Activity
  • xAPI Logstore

 What's Coming Soon?

We’re investing in the core Open Source elements of the LMS on a continuous basis. We’re continuing to prioritize the enhancements our customers tell us they need to deliver more effective, engaging and efficient learning experiences.

In The Immediate Term Between Now And The Summer You Can Expect To See:

  • MS Teams integration
  • Enhanced reporting, with improved Graphical Reporting and additional KPI Dashlets
  • New seminar functionality (including seminar notes and sessions)
  • Advances in the UI/UX to improve the learning experience
  • New program templates

In addition, we continue to invest in Accessibility Improvements in line with our commitment to maintaining a WGAC AA level of accessibility.

Open Source And The ‘Ecosystem’

Our LMS is the workhorse of learning and development for more than 500 customers across the world. Built on open-source foundations, we remain committed to the open-source philosophy; our core LMS is licensed GPL 3 from end-to-end. We are the only provider in the marketplace that has the complete ‘stack’, from Learning Experience to Content, to Data, built on Open Source. Our commitment to client flexibility here goes beyond any other.

But when you partner with Learning Pool you get much more than just an LMS. You get access to our complete ecosystem of software and content. We’ve been working hard to create seamless integrations with the LMS and our work here is starting to roll out now. This includes:

LMS Pulse. Designed to improve administration efficiency and learning outcomes, there is no better investment than LMS Pulse if you have been challenged to deliver more with less. A combination of our Learning Locker LRS and Waves campaign tool, LMS Pulse can automate nudges and reminders to learners, as well as automating more creating complex workflows that are others intense on administrators.

Future Skills and Future of Work; new micro-learning content libraries designed to support workers today as they manage through the pandemic and to prepare them for tomorrow, whatever that might look like.

Coming In Summer 2021…

Insights. We’re set to transform the way you report from the LMS and take your organization up through the Learning Analytics Maturity Model with our new Insights product. Founded on one of the most powerful BI tools available in the marketplace, Insights will combine the depth of xAPI and rigor of LMS data to set the standard for how organizations report on and analyze their Learning Experiences.