Published: October 22, 2020

Learning Pool Releases Learning Analytics Maturity Model

During the summer, Learning Pool launched its diagnostic tool, the Learning Analytics Maturity Model (LAMM) to help organisations assess where they are in their Learning Analytics journey.

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Learning Analytics Maturity Model Launched By Learning Pool

As a response to Donald H. Taylor’s 2020 ‘What’s hot in L&D’ survey, which determines the tops trends for learning and development each year, Learning Pool has brought together a simple diagnostic to help businesses better understand where they are in their journey to make use of Learning Analytics.

The Learning Analytics Maturity Model, otherwise known as LAMM, takes 10 minutes to diagnose. The approach was trialled with a range of existing customers in recent months and the results have proven useful as part of L&D strategy formulation and to help make the business case for more investment in data.

Chief Product Officer, Ben Betts, first saw the need for a diagnostic. He commented:

Very often, when we are speaking with our customers or prospective customers, they tell me that they are ‘behind’ the trend when it comes to learning data. That they lack adoption, or technology, or management buy-in. And it's becoming a bit of a truism in our industry that L&D professionals lack data skills, generally speaking. We wanted to dig into this more and find out what the true ‘state of the industry’ is - if this is our hottest topic, is everyone really behind the trend? And, if that’s true, how can organizations level-up and make data a competitive advantage? The Learning Analytics Maturity Model gives a diagnostic starting point for the journey to using learning data to the fullest extent in your organization.

Following the success of the trial, the company has decided to open the model up to everyone - no-obligation and free of charge. After taking the diagnostic, Learning Pool’s Data Scientists will then deliver a six-page PDF report of where you sit in the model.

The diagnostic tool is designed to be taken by internal L&D or HR team members, operating inside an organization of some scale (>250 people) with an interest in Learning Analytics. We’ll ask questions about your tech, your people, and your aspirations. The response isn’t instant; it takes us a couple of days to turn around the diagnostic with specific feedback for where you currently rank, what you might look to improve first, and how Learning Pool can help you on your journey.

Find out more and start the diagnostic now.