Published: November 24, 2020

Learning Pool’s Stream LXP Integrates With Anders Pink

To help organisations reduce the amount of time spent by L&D departments sourcing content for specific topics and job roles, Learning Pool's Learning Experience Platform will integrate with the tool for content curation, Anders Pink.

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A Powerful Integration Of Stream LXP And Anders Pink

Launched in 2017, Anders Pink is an award-winning content curation tool that enables learners, teams, and organisations to stay up-to-date and continuously learn about any given topic. Over one million learners and the world’s leading learning providers and businesses save time, stay smart, and power continuous learning in the flow of work with Anders Pink.

This latest integration for Stream LXP will support Learning Pool in its mission to help businesses deliver continuous learning in the daily workflow for their learners. With Anders Pink, organisations will be able to curate, discover, and integrate content seamlessly into their platform to ensure a constant stream of up-to-date and relevant content resources reach the individual learner.

Jon Brydges, Commercial Product Manager for LXP at Learning Pool commented:

We are very excited to have Stream LXP and Anders Pink working together so seamlessly. This integration embodies two of our core product principles: simple and smart. Learners now have easy access to the latest learning, development, and performance support content from the Anders Pink tool which drives engagement, keeps content fresh and relevant, and positions Stream LXP as the front-door to disparate, often disconnected, learning ecosystems. Learners no longer have to be manually signposted to content, they can access everything directly from their Stream dashboard and via search, which surfaces the right learning experiences when they are needed the most.

Anders Pink uses an AI-powered algorithm to aggregate content, delivering a feed of regularly updated resources directly into your LXP for your team to view, share, and comment on. The algorithm also learns from the user’s preferences, refining content to make it even more specific.

Michelle Hazelton, Managing Director at Anders Pink added:

We are very proud of our partnership with Learning Pool and the powerful integration of Stream LXP and Anders Pink. Together, we’re helping learners to stay up-to-date on the most recent and relevant content, on the topics that matter to them, all in one place. The deep integration of Anders Pink within Stream LXP makes it easy for learners to discover great content every day in their workflow, without having to browse the web or leave the platform at all. It’s a great example of a progressive, personalized experience to help learners save time, stay up-to-date and continuously learn. We look forward to doing more great things together with Learning Pool as we both develop our roadmaps and collaboration.

For more information or to request a consultation, visit the Anders Pink webpage.