Published: April 20, 2016

LearningMate Among Top 12 Emerging Global Leaders In Training Outsourcing

LearningMate appointed to Training Industry’s 2016 Training Outsourcing Watch List.

LearningMate Solutions Inc.

Danielle Holmes

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LearningMate Solutions Inc., a global consulting, content development and learning technology services provider for the education and corporate learning space, announced its appointment today to Training Industry’s 2016 Training Outsourcing Watch List.

Following an evaluation of its solutions, core competencies, and experience, LearningMate was selected based on its innovative service offerings, ability to provide global services, and unique and proven approach to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions.

"LearningMate is honored to be included in the distinguished 2016 Watch List." Says company CEO Samudra Sen. "The fact that we’ve chosen to exclusively focus on the learning space has allowed us to continuously refine and reinvent our skill set, processes and service offering to align with and evolve trends in corporate learning and the technologies that deliver it. This along with our research and development efforts has enabled us to extend that knowledge and experience to organizations to improve their training and performance initiatives in a way that is both scalable and measurable."

With 15 years in the learning space, LearningMate partners with corporations and professionals to provide learning consulting, custom content development, technology and support services using tools and processes that add scale, efficiency and speed to development. The company’s global team also guides organizations through the geopolitical and cross-cultural aspects that are critical to understanding and developing learning solutions for a diverse group of employees.

Learn more about LearningMate’s corporate learning solutions at LearningMate.

About LearningMate

LearningMate partners with corporate learning, K12, Higher Ed and Professional markets to deliver innovative, efficient and customized solutions around curriculum and media development, assessments, engineering and big data. With 6 locations across 4 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and India, LearningMate serves a global clientele of education publishers, traditional and nontraditional EdTech companies, K-20 schools, universities and career colleges, government agencies, non-profits, corporate learning and education consortia. The company builds on a strong foundation of learning design with progressive technology and engineering solutions to connect today’s learners, educators, administrators, policymakers and content creators with the information, tools and solutions they need to be successful.

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