Learningonline.xyz And Microsoft Collaborate To Build A Language Learning Bot

Microsoft develops a language teaching bot for Skype with Learningonline.xyz and partner company Eton Institute.

Learningonline.xyz And Microsoft Collaborate To Develop A Language Teaching Bot For Skype

Cupertino, CA - 01/19/2017 - In 2016, Microsoft introduced a new world of conversational computing - where conversations become the new platform. This paradigm shift is enabling machines to harness the power of human conversation, leading to endless improvements in efficiency, intelligence, and, of course, fun.

Since the emergence of conversational computing, there has been an ever-growing presence of bots. More than creating efficiencies or entertaining experiences, bots are also pushing the boundaries of education for consumers. Skype, in collaboration with Eton Institute and partner company Learningonline.xyz, is developing a bot that can teach users a new language. Coming soon, this new tool is just a fraction of what will be possible with this emerging technology.

While still in the early days of innovation, this tool is truly changing the way consumers access and engage language learning.

As an award winning edTech start up, Learningonline.xyz creates online platforms for cultural ecosystems, and the creation of a language teaching bot sits firmly within its vision for accessible language learning for all.

Sue Brett, C.E.O. for Learningonline.xyz commented, “We are excited to offer our expertise and knowledge to Microsoft, for the development of a revolutionary method of language learning, a vital step for the emerging language learning markets of China and the Middle East. Our aim as an online learning platform is to provide learners with the opportunity to learn languages effectively without the constraints of time and space, therefore the growth into bots is the next-gen solution for a simple yet effective ‘human touch’.”

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