Published: August 10, 2017

LIQUID-U™ Launches New Online Wine, Spirits, Beer & Bartender Skills Academy

LIQUID-U™ provides restaurants, beverage retailers, distributors and suppliers a new turn-key training resource to upgrade and safeguard their employees’ basic beverage knowledge - all without the cost of content or elearning platform creation.

Innovative Marketing / LIQUID-U™

David Cichanowicz

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Online Bartender Skills Academy By LIQUID-U™ Supported By An Award-Winning LMS Platform

Washington, DC – Innovative Marketing Solutions, LLC, the nation’s leader in e-course creation for the adult beverage industry, announces the launch of LIQUID-U™, the first ‘all-in-one’ multi-media Wine, Spirits, Beer and Bartender Skills academy.  With LIQUID-U™, restaurants, beverage retailers, distributors and suppliers now have a new turn-key training resource available 24/7 for upgrading and safeguarding their employees’ basic knowledge of spirits, wine, beer and bartender skills without the cost of creating their own content or platform.

LIQUID-U™’s list of unique benefits reflects our over 15 years of multi-media course creation and platform support to the adult beverage industry:

  • Key to our approach is our powerful 5-Step Learning Process which focuses on: Knowledge Assessment, Need-To-Know Category Basics, Production/Taste Modeling, Brand/Marketplace Insights, concluding with a final exam.
  • This approach gives learners the ability to understand what makes each product unique, absorb its characteristics, how it’s made, and know which brands represent the leading edge of the category.
  • “There’s nothing else out there like it,” said David Cichanowicz, one of the creators of LIQUID-U™.  He continued, “Why let your staff randomly search or receive piecemeal study on this critical information? LIQUID-U™ adds the rigor, reliability and confidence of a cohesive program that ensures staff are getting it right the first time with no logistics problems or downtime for outside trainers.”

 Other Key Features Include:

  • "Quick start" basics courses designed for servers, retail clerks or entry level sales staff.
  • Longer format "Advanced Level" training for career bartenders, managers and spirits trainers.
  • Our partnership with the Award-Winning Élan LMS Platform by Brainier Solutions gives us an unmatched power to deliver, measure and report on each learner’s unique progress and accomplishments; and
  • 90% of course offerings are mobile phone-ready, and 100% are mobile tablet-ready, making them easy to roll out for everyday staff use, or for dedicated pre-shift or self-paced learning.

“We’re here to shake up the way staff traditionally learns through one-off live training with a new, truly engaging, low cost platform which is always on and always consistent,” said David Cichanowicz.  He continued, “LIQUID-U™ delivers the confidence every staff member deserves to sell more and provide the best customer service in the beverage arena.”